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Moisture Vapor Emission , Calcuim Chloride Test Kit
Test your concrete slab before coatings or painting with a Moisture Emission Kit, Anhydrous Calcium Chloride vapor test kit. Prevent concrete coating failures in advance and treat concrete before coating.

Calcuim Chloride Vapor- PH test kit
$14.95 USD
In Stock
EmeSealCrete  Moisture - Radon sealer
EmeSealCrete seals out moisture and radon gas transmission throgh concrete, buy in concentrate.

EmeSealCrete Consentrate 1 Gallon
$91.95 USD
In Stock
EmeSphere 100 and Emephere 40 kit Mold Control
Quart Kit up to 500 sq ft coverage EmeSphere 100 and Emephere 40 Mold control treatment

EmeSphere Quart kits
$159.00 USD  $99.00 USD
In Stock
Emesphere Mold 100/40  4-Gallon kit
Emesphere Mold 100 / 40 4 Gallon kit will cover aprox 2000 sqft

Emesphere Mold 100/40 4-Gallon kit
$495.00 USD  $399.00 USD
In Stock
Mold and Moisture remediation products distributed by NextStar Technologies . Control basement bold problems and vapor transmission through concrete .Mold Removal

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