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1/4 X 24 Element Static mixer
1/4X24 Static Mixer
1/4in by 24 element static mixer standard for polyurethane crack injection systems
$3.00 USD
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102 Polyurethane Foam for leaking crack injection
102 Polyurethane injection foam
Standard general use. Used to repair leaking foundation wall cracks in basements and crawl spaces, as well as for tunnels, manholes, sewer lines, concrete dams and parking decks. Used when expansion and contraction is necessary, freeze thaw cycle .
$38.00 USD
In Stock

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105 Polyurethane tube sets
NextStar-technologies-concrete-foundation-crack-injection-repairItem DetailsPolurethane-crack-injection-kits
105 Polyurethane tube sets
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105 Polyurethane tube sets

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105 Polyurethane tube sets
$38.50 USD
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NextStar # 105 Hydrophilic PolyUrethane Foam

NextStar 105 is a hydrophilic two-component, NON-FLAMMABLE VOC compliant polyurethane injection resin designed to control water and to seal moving, non-structural cracks in concrete. When mixed, the two-component system does not require additional water to foam within 30 seconds of passing through a static mixer. The components of NextStar105 expand and quickly cure to a flexible, closed cell foam. It is better suited for tight cracks.
NextStar 105 is formulated TDI free.
NextStar 105 cures to tough, adhering foam capable of withstanding thermal cycles and crack movement. It is offered in 450ml. dual cartridges.
NextStar 105 is also available as a one-component system utilizing the moisture in the crack for foam expansion.
As one component, it is available in various containers. More consistent and predicable foam formation and properties are attained when utilized as a two-component system.

• Tensile Strength (ASTM D 3574-86) 380 PSI
• Tensile Elongation (ASTM D 3574-88 400%
• Bonding Strength 150-300 PSI
• Shrinkage <5%
• Flash point (of uncured components) 225ºF

Quantity to use: It is difficult to determine the amount of material to adequately seal a given crack. Experience in
home foundation cracks (8’ long with a wall thickness of 8-10”) suggest the usage of 10-21 ounces of # 105 per 8’ crack (versus an average of 30-50 ounces of epoxy). Th us, while 105 can theoretically foam to
4-5 times its volume (more typical is 2-3 times), its unfoamed volume for small cracks (1/32 - 1/4”) as oft en found in foundation cracks.

Used using low pressure injection methods. Do Not use feed hose with this product!

Packaged in 450ML Tubes and requires an application tool and mixer.

Mixer recommended for this polyurethane is the 1/4x 24  static mixer.
Price per tubeset. 8 per case

Polyurethane for small cracks .Used to repair leaking foundation wall cracks in basements and crawl spaces. Very flexible; used when expansion and contraction is necessary. Contractor use

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