120 Structural Polyurethane Foam Cartridge
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120 Structural Polyurethane Foam Cartridge
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120 Structural Polyurethane Foam Cartridge

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120 Structural Polyurethane Foam
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Emecole 120 Structural Polyurethane Foam

Emecole 120 Structural Reinforcement Polyurethane is the strongest injection polyurethane Structural Foam Emecole manufactures.  When repairing cracks with carbon fiber staples # 120 can be injected in the crack instead of epoxy.  When compared to using epoxy, the installer will use about half the amount of material therefore saving time and material costs.Only use #120 in structural repairs when used with carbon fiber to support repairs in tension. Emecole 120 is a unique two part hydrophobic in that it does not need any moisture to expand, therefore it is widely used in pipe penetration and dry crack repair.

  • Expands two to six times its original volume.
  • Used to repair cracks in conjunction to epoxy when using carbon fiber staples
  • Sold in cases of six or singles online
  • Packaged in 22oz./300ml 1:1 dual tube sets.
  • Use with 3/8-or(1/2) X 24 static mixer Air powered injection tool recommended
  • 1 Nut and static mixer tube provided with each tube set.
Structural Polyurethane foam for use with wide cracks or carbon fiber staples. Fill large holes and voids. Contractor use product

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