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901  Epoxy Sealing Paste
901 Epoxy Sealing paste
Medium fast setting port sealing paste Epoxy Used primarily for setting injection ports inplace and general sealing over cracks before injection. 2 hr cure time
$29.00 USD
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300X ML  Dual Applicator
NX300ML Applicator
Dual component manual injection gun 300XML and 150ML Used with our standard dual component epoxies and polyurethanes
$89.95 USD  $59.00 USD
In Stock

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300X ML Jake Injection Gun
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300X ML Jake Injection Gun
Item Name:

300X ML Jake Injection Gun

Item #:
300ML Jake
$185.00 USD  $135.00 USD
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  In Stock

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With the "Jake" manual dispensing gun accommodates multiple ratios: 300/300, 300/150, 300/75, 150/150 and 150/75 are all possible with the appropriate cartridge combinations. The additional plungers are conveniently stored right under the “Jake” cartridge.

“Jake” gun spring assisted versions are also available to dispense one component cartridges (or single cartridge systems such as Sem-Kits or Tech-Kits).

The "Jake" manual dispensing tool is dependable and economically efficient for contractors specializing in concrete crack repair.

Application too for dual epoxy and polyurethane cartridges 300x300 or 300x150ml tubes .Spring load tool for ease of use manufactured by Emecole

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