302 Sealing Epoxy Paste 2 Quart tubes
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302 in dual tubesets


Standard Epoxy Paste for contractors surface sealing ports / cracks before low pressure injection.

Sold in paired quart tubes

Emecole 302 1:1 is a high modulus epoxy gel designed to seal cracks and surface ports onto concrete prior to injection. It can also be used for bonding miscellaneous materials to concrete where a fast cure is required. Emecole 1: 1 is moisture insensitive and will cure in damp environments.
15 to 25 minute cure

Supplied in quart sized tubes
A) Mixed by hand on cardboard and applied directly
B) Setting low pressure surface ports
C) Surface sealing, one pair of tubes will cover approx 20ft of crack and ports

As with any epoxy adhesive, surface preparation is critical. Concrete surfaces should be cleaned by sandblasting, wire brushing or other mechanical means. All loose or unsound material must be removed. Surfaces should be dry and dust free to insure a superior bond. Emecole 302 1:1 will cure in the presence of moisture although application onto wet surfaces is not recommended.

Use M.E.K. Xylene, or any other solvent. Clean equipment immediately after use.

Th is product can cause skin irritation. Always wear protective clothing. Wash contaminated area with soap and water,never solvent. In case of eye contact, flush with water for 15 minutes; immediately see a physician.

Discontinued  please refer to 302 in dual tubesets

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