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1/4 X 32 Element Static mixer for ULV- LV MV Epoxy
1/4X32 Static Mixer
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#4 Ultra Low Viscosity Epoxy for super fine cracks
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#4 Ultra Low Viscosity Epoxy for super fine cracks
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#4 Ultra Low Viscosity Epoxy for super fine cracks

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#4-Epoxy ULV
$38.00 USD
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Standard Packaging is 150X300ML Tubesets total volume per tube 450ML

# 4 Epoxy  is an ultra low viscosity, two-component epoxy resin system designed specifically for gravity feeding or low pressure injection. #4 low viscosity resin is excellent for repair of cracks by gravity feeding. This 100% solids resin is insensitive to the presence of water, allowing application on damp or wet concrete surfaces. Applied with standard injection equipment, it will effectively grout and seal cracks in horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces. This product can be used for crack repair in walls , it is thin enough to penetrate up to 2 in of #4 Sil sand on slab repairs from gravity alone. This epoxy should only be applied if the concrete is 40 Deg F or 10 Deg C or higher and allow for approx 4 days to cure . Very effective with low pressure injection as slower setup time allows for extended injection time for complete penetration into cracks.

  • Ultra Thin 40cps
  • Slow cure time
  • Can be mixed with sand
  • Several packaging options
  • Gravity feed, Low presure wall injection
  • Insensitve to moisture
  • 2:1 Mix Ratio
  • Varied packaging options

 Static mixer and retaining nut sold separetly and are required to use this product.

Packaged in 450ML Tubes 2:1 ratio and requires an application tool and mixer.


Mixer recommended for this LV Epoxy is the 1/4x 32  static mixer  retaining Nut


Price per 450ml Tube set


Ultra low viscosity epoxy for gravity feed or hairline crack repair injection. Structural repairs.Repair of concrete wall cracks that otherwirse would not be repairable .

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