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30 ft. DIY PolyUrethane Crack Repair Kit
30 ft Urethane Crack injection kit
Equipped to repair basement wall cracks up to 30 feet using low-pressure crack injection with Polyurethane foam. Stop leaking non structural cracks
$365.00 USD  $335.00 USD
In Stock

30 ft. Epoxy Crack Injection Repair Kit
30ft Epoxy Crack injection kit
Structural Epoxy to repair basement wall cracks up to 30 feet using low-pressure crack injection with epoxy.
$450.00 USD  $435.00 USD
In Stock

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60 ft. PolyUrethane Crack Repair Kit
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60 ft. PolyUrethane Crack Repair Kit
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60 ft. PolyUrethane Crack Repair Kit

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60 ft Urethane Crack injection kit
$669.00 USD  $625.00 USD
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Upgrades to Kit
Tool Box (Add $38.00 USD)
Spring Assisted Injection Tool (Add $59.00 USD)
Upgrade to Seal and Peal Port paste (Add $49.00 USD)
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Concrete crack repair with the  60 ft. DIY Foundation Crack Repair Kit is equipped with the necessary components, packed conveniently within a toolbox, for the proper repair of basement wall cracks up to 60 feet using urethane and low-pressure injection.
Read basic repair procedure
Repair kits allow a do-it-yourself homeowner or handyman to use the same materials and packaging that we supply professional contractors.
60 ft.  Crack injection Kit with Urethane Foam
  • Six dual cartridges  901 Surface Seal
  • Six dual cartridges NextStar 102 Urethane Foam
  • Blow Hole Repair/Port Adhesive
  • Eight 1/4 x 24 element mixers & 8 retaining nuts
  • Six cross-over restrictors w/Instructions
  • One-hundred surface ports and caps
  • Ten corner ports
  • Four hose assemblies
  • NX-300 Manual dispensing tool (300/300-150)
  • Safety glasses
  • Ten pair rubber gloves
  • Trowel & wire brush
  • Step-by-step instructional CD-ROM
  • MSDSs w/Instructions
  • Tool box (optional)
 ( US Customer orders will shipped Via DHL at no extra cost)
Injection by Urethane Foam vs. Epoxy:
NextStar's 60 ft. D-I-Y Foundation Wall Crack Repair Kits are available with either urethane foam or epoxy injection .
Two component urethane rapidly expands when it comes in contact with moisture. Filling voids both within the crack and behind the wall, quickly hardening to a flexible and permanent repair.
When the structural integrity of the concrete is a problem, or believed to be a problem, epoxy is the preferred material for injection. Epoxies effectively seal cracks while reinforcing the repair area to be stronger than the non-repaired area around it.

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Seal & Peal option allows the surface paste to be removed should the surface need to be exposed or be completely flush after repair is completed , generaly not required.
Equipped to repair basement wall cracks up to 60 feet using low-pressure crack injection with urethane foam.

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