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600X ML Applicator
NX600ML Applicator
Dual component manual dispensing gun for 600ML X 600 and 600ML X 300ML Used with Carbon Fiber / Kevlar kits
$124.95 USD
In Stock

300X ML Pneumatic Injector
Dual component Pneumatic injection gun 300MLX and 150ML Used with our standard dual component epoxies and polyurethanes
$395.00 USD
In Stock

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750X ML Pneumatic Epoxy Injector tool
NextStar-technologies-concrete-foundation-crack-injection-repairItem DetailsPolurethane-crack-injection-kits
750X ML Pneumatic Epoxy Injector tool
Item Name:

750X ML Pneumatic Epoxy Injector tool

Item #:
$495.00 USD
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FEATURES: ( Works with our standard and large tube sets)

  • Easily Converts in Just Seconds with Patented Snap In/Snap Out Push Disks  to 750ml X 750ml,600ML  or to 600ml X 300ml
    300ml X 300ml
  • Out Push Disks
  • Patented Cartridge Stabilizing Plate for Extra Cartridge Support
  • Adjustable Air Regulator
  • Air Dump Valve Stops Flow Instantly
  • Reverse Air
  • Quick Disconnect Nipple
  • 1100lbs thrust @ 100 psi
  • Will work with small compressor on job sites




Fast change plungers 
Spring loaded back plate

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Dual component Pneumatic injection gun 750MLX and 600ML, 300ML can be used with all tube sets, 1100lbs thrust.

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