90 ML Crawl Space Liner 58" X 125"
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90 ML Crawl Space Liner 58" X 125"
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90 ML Crawl Space Liner 58" X 125"

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90ML liner
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The EmeSeal 90mil Liner is a state of the art crawl space and basement liner designed to stop the infiltration of moisture and soil gases with ultimate durability in mind.  One side of the liner is aluminized to diffuse soil gases like radon and reflect heat into crawl spaces and basements, therefore reducing energy costs.  The other side is a heavy duty polyethylene that gives the liner strength. Each layer is separated by a closed cell foam to aid with insulation. When all the components are laminated together, it forms the thickest zero perm crawlspace and basement liner available today.

  • Zero Perm to seal mold causing moisture out of crawl spaces    
  • 90 mil thick for maximum durability    
  • Aluminized to reflect heat back into the crawl space or basement and diffuse soil gases like radon    
  • Made with heavy duty materials to withstand walking and storage    
  • One of the most versitile crawl space liners available today    
  • The antimicrobial materials will not rot or support mold growth    
  • Class A fire rated


Available in the following dimensions:

    5' x 50' (25 rolls per pallet)     5' x 125' (9 rolls per pallet)

90ml Crawl space liner

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