Auto-Injector for polyurethane & slow setting Epoxy
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Auto-Injector for polyurethane & slow setting Epoxy
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Auto-Injector for polyurethane & slow setting Epoxy

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Auto Injector

Automated easy system for injecting Single and 2 component polyurethane foams or slow setting epoxy resins. These units will maintain constant pressure from 35- 40 psi 2.7bar allowing application of product over extended times (24hrs) without personnel required to check pressure .

  • 50ml content in each
  • Wide port surface to ensure good no leak bond
  • Refillable during injection
  • Constant injection pressure 35-40 psi
  • Easy to use for novice
  • Use in all positions even overhead
  • Designed for flat surface
  • Alternative to Spring loaded or pneumatic tools
  • Best choice for ultra fine cracks

    Auto injector for polyuethane and epoxy low pressure injection
Application showing autoinjectors in tyipical application


Auto Injector cartridge for self injection pressures to 40 psi without special injection tools . Ideal for LV polyurethane foams or ULV slow setting epoxy. Disposable after injection cures, perfect for one time repairs by inexperienced staff or homeowner.

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