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4in V crack Chaser for Angle Grinders
Crack chaser 4 in
4 in Crack Chasing V Diamond blade for fast crack repairs on slabs and floor restoration. Also can be used for identifying cracks in walls , will fit most 4in - 5in hand grinders.
$85.00 USD  $49.00 USD
In Stock

Stiching Tows for Slab Repair
Stiching-dog Kit
Carbon Fiber Stitching Tows add 1320 PSI tensile to assure the longevity of a slab crack repair 18 per strip
$96.00 USD  $66.00 USD
In Stock

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Carbon fiber & 10 Minute Mender Slab Kit
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Carbon fiber & 10 Minute Mender Slab Kit
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Carbon fiber & 10 Minute Mender Slab Kit

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10min Carbon fiber slab kit
$235.00 USD  $175.00 USD
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Repair Slab Cracks & Stitching  in 1 Kit

Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender and Carbon fibre/ Kevlar stitching tows makes and excellent combination to repair cracks in concrete.Carbon Fiber Stitching tows add 1320 PSI tensile to assure the longevity of a slab crack repair. Stitching tows are ideal for decorative overlay specialist. This product stabilizes the slab for trouble free polymer overlay installations. Best of all, overlay can be installed over this repair in just 60 minutes.
 Now you can repair cracks and not have them move after repair in a fraction of the time it takes with ordinary products. Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender is a revolutionary new two-part hybrid urethane for repairing concrete. Easy install of stitches and repair of cracks at the same time.

Each Kit comes with enough product to repair and stitch up to 30 feet /9m of floor cracks

 Each kit comes with

  • 2-Quarts of 10 Min Mender
  • 18 Carbon fibre Stitching Tows
  • Full Set of instructions
  • Upto 6L total volume with sand

Tools needed: Grinder with
concrete diamond turbo blade, razzor scrapper,
trowel and optionally a crack chaser blade

*Only basic tools needed
*Each Stiching Tow can hold 1325lbs/600kg
*Easy install 1 saw cut per stitch
Permanent repair for crack and stabaization
*Use as part of ramp or edge repair
*Cures in temperatures down to -20° F
*Compatible with all floor coatings
*Moisture tolerant
*No shrinkage / slab stabalization
*Excellent chemical resistance
*Extremely thin - low surface tension
*Cure stops at 4500 psi
*Dynamic load transfer
*Stitching is more reliable than crack repair alone
*Repair material grinds well
*Trowelable when mixed with up to 3 parts sand

Repair slab cracks and stop concrete from moving again with Carbon Fibre with 10 minute mender & stitching Tows.
Repair and reinforce up to 30 ft with this kit.

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