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Static Mixer Retaining Nut 9 Pitch
Nut for attaching static mixers to dual tube products like Epoxy ,Polyurethane foams and products like 10 minute mender
$1.00 USD
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1/4 X 32 Element Static mixer for ULV- LV MV Epoxy
1/4X32 Static Mixer
Static Mixer for low and medium #4, ULV,LV MV Viscosity Epoxy's
$3.63 USD
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Cross-over flow Restrictors
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Cross-over flow Restrictors
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Cross-over flow Restrictors

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Crossover Restrictor
$1.00 USD
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White for Polyurethanes 102,105,2N1 & 8590
Black-for E555, Roadware,
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Cross-over/back-flow restrictor

Eliminates contamination, metering and re-usage problems associated with dual cartridge dispensing when using dual cartridges without a tongue to separate the two streams as they come out of the cartridges. Without the tongue, material from one cartridge can easily flow into the adjacent cartridge rather than fully progressing through the static mixers.

This is referred to as cross-over and commonly occurs at the beginning of dispensing and can continue until the pressures are equalized on both cartridges. A barrier or “tongue” is common in automated dispensing equipment but not in dual cartridges.

The cross-over/back-flow restrictor can be placed over the “D shaped openings in the neck of dual cartridges to introduce a “tongue” to the system. In addition, the restrictor introduces one-way flaps over these cartridge openings. These flaps open when pressure is exerted on the cartridges but resist material from flowing back into the cartridges (either from the adjacent cartridge or the static mixers). This is known as back-flow.

Both cross-over and back-flow contaminate the materials in the cartridges and can lead to improper rationing and premature curing in the cartridges. The latter, in turn, leads to incomplete and possible improper use of products. This also prevents re-using a partially used cartridge set.

The cross-over/back-flow restrictor is an effective and economical adaptor optimizing the usage and performance of dual cartridges and dual cartridges dispensing for foundation crack repair.

The cross-over/back-flow restrictor eliminates cartridge contamination.

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