DIY Carbon Fiber wall repair kit 20 ft coverage
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DIY Carbon Fiber wall repair kit 20 ft coverage
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DIY Carbon Fiber wall repair kit 20 ft coverage

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DIY Carbon fiber Wall
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Double kit to cover upto 40 ft of wall (Add $395.00 USD)
Top & Bottom Wall Anchors (Block wall only) (Add $40.00 USD)
Add Single Strap & Epoxy to kit (Add $170.00 USD)
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1 - 36' long roll carbon fiber equaling 4-8' straps 20ft of wall coverage
3 - Laminating epoxy tubes  double sized
1 - Thick epoxy  double sized
4 - Static mixers
1 - Roller trays 2 - Roller heads 1 - Roller
1 - Safety Goggles & gloves
2 - Plastic Trowels
4 - Top/Bottom  wall Anchors (if option selected for block wall only)
1 - CRW - double tube epoxy gun
(Epoxy gun FREE with first 20ft kit)
1 - Instructions Documents *Free Shipping

Easy, affordable, DIY basement wall crack repair. Stop your basement wall from further bowing.
For years the rigid strength of carbon fiber has been used for the strengthening of concrete bridges, construction of high rises, multilevel parking structures, foundations - anywhere extreme strength is needed.

For the last 13 years it has been available only commercially for repairing bowed and cracked basement walls.

Now there is a specifically designed system for the homeowner that uses that very same carbon fiber technology. It is available in a complete do-ityourself basement wall repair kit that is easily affordable.
For block walls our kit has a superior top and bottm wall anchor system.

You can quickly and easily repair a crack in your own basement wall, or stop further bowing of that wall, with our Carbon Wall Repair DIY Kit.

Top of wall anchor and botom of wall anchorBottom of wall carbon fiber anchor


This is a simple DIY project. You can repair basement wall cracks and stop any further bowing of your wall. See how easy. We supply everything you need in the kit.
Step 1
First thing is to apply Xtreme1200™ into the actual crack.
Step 2
Also apply the Xtreme1200™ in the horizontal mortar areas where the vertical carbon fiber strap will be laid.
Step 3
Smooth out and push the Xtreme1200™ into the crack and also the horizontal mortar areas.
Step 4.
Now eject the Xtreme800™ into the paint tray (tray and roller provided in our kit). Note: due to temperature changes always hand mix Extreme 800 with wooden paddle in painting tray to secure the proper mix.
Step 5.
Roll a coat of the Xtreme800™ onto the vertical area between the vertical mortar of the cement blocks where the carbon fiber strap will lay.
Step 6.
Be sure that vertical area is well saturated with the Xtreme800™.
Step 7.
Unroll the carbon fiber strap onto the moist Xtreme800™.
Step 8.
Work out any air pockets or wrinkles.
Step 9.
Roll on top another coat of the Xtreme800™.
Step 9.
After a couple of days of drying then paint over the carbon fiber strap with regular wall paint. The strap is very unobtrusive and hides well when painted.
DIY Carbon Fiber fabric 36ft wall kit with epoxy and instructions to reinforce up to  20 ft of wall. Includes free epoxy applicator .

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