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E101  Epoxy Injection Paste Epoxy for Large Cracks
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E101  Epoxy Injection Paste Epoxy for Large Cracks
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E101 Epoxy Injection Paste Epoxy for Large Cracks

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Emecole E101 Injection Paste
$31.00 USD
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Emecole Concrete Repair Products Small enough to appreciate - large enough to accommodate

101 CRACK 2:1 PASTE 
EMECOLE 101 CRACK 2:1 PASTE 450 ML cartridge
Used for large concrete cracks, 100% solid, moisture insensitive epoxy resin, which has a unique high modulus of elasticity. It is formulated to meet ASTM C-881 cured property requirements. It has non-flowing characteristics in the uncured state. Thusly, it can be injected into larger cracks (greater than 1/4 inch wide) in walls and slabs without flowing out of these cracks. Even though the Emecole 101 Crack 2:1 Paste will not flow after injection, it is formulated without fillers so that it can be easily be injected into a crack even with a manual dual-component dispensing tool at under 50 psi of force (using a 1/2x24 static mixer).

USES A) Structural repair of cracked concrete by pressure injection grouting B) Monolithic restoration of delaminated concrete C) Grouting material when mixed with aggregate


ASTM D-638 8500 Tensile- Elongation, %
ASTM D-638 modified 2-4 Compressive Strength, psi
ASTM D-695 12000 Compressive Modulus, psi
ASTM D-695 (28 days) 500000 Shear Strength, psi
ASTM D-732 5100 Deflection Temp. @ 264 psi
ASTM D-648 126ºF Bond Strength, psi ASTM C-882 2800

Requires retaining nut and 1/2 X 24 element mixer or 1/2 x 32 element mixer

2:1 ratio 450 ML application tool

Epoxy Paste for Injection used to restore large structural concrete cracks using low pressure crack injection methods 1/4 in or wider cracks. Can be used with other concrete crack injection products.

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