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3/16X 48 Element Static mixer
3/16X 48 Element Static mixer
Static Mixer for low Viscosity Epoxy's and Polyurea's E555 & # 4 Epoxy
$3.95 USD
In Stock

5" Diamond Swirly Cup Grinding Wheel
5 in Swirly Cup Wheel
5 " Diamond Swirly Cup Wheel for standard hand grinders, Prep for carbon fiber grid straps or profile concrete to coat and after repair to finish slabs to original profile.
$85.00 USD
In Stock

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Emecole E555 Fast Polyurea concrete slab repair
NextStar-technologies-concrete-foundation-crack-injection-repairItem DetailsPolurethane-crack-injection-kits
Emecole E555 Fast Polyurea concrete slab repair
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Emecole E555 Fast Polyurea concrete slab repair

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E555 Refill
$42.95 USD
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  In Stock

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Emecole 555 is a very rapid set, high strength ultra low viscosity concrete repair material. Emecole 555 repairs hairline cracks and larger in parking decks, warehouse floors, driveways, patios, pool decks, etc. It penetrates deep into the crack and cures in minutes. The product can have an overlay placed on it the same day. Repaired area can be put back into service in as little as 60 minutes. It works even in cold conditions. It is especially useful where low turnaround times are advantageous.


Emecole 555 is very low in viscosity allowing the product to penetrate deeply into concrete and does not become brittle.    

15 minute initial set, 60 minutes to back in service

• High Impact Resistance

• Extremely Low Viscosity

• High Fuel and Chemical Resistance

• High Durability

• Convenient Packaging

• Self Leveling 

Included 1- 48 x 3/16 static mixer and flow restrictor per tubeset

Emecole E555 Polyurea Refill for slab repairs. Fast economical and permanent concrete slab repair material.

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