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EmeSphere 100 and Emephere 40 kit Mold Control
EmeSphere Quart kits
Quart Kit up to 500 sq ft coverage EmeSphere 100 and Emephere 40 Mold control treatment
$159.00 USD  $79.00 USD
In Stock

Emesphere Mold 100/40  4-Gallon kit
Emesphere Mold 100/40 4-Gallon kit
Emesphere Mold 100 / 40 4 Gallon kit will cover aprox 2000 sqft
$495.00 USD  $299.00 USD
In Stock

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EmeSealCrete  Moisture - Radon sealer
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EmeSealCrete  Moisture - Radon sealer
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EmeSealCrete Moisture - Radon sealer

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EmeSealCrete Consentrate 1 Gallon
$91.95 USD
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EmeSealCrete a sodium silicate concrete sealer
Shipping @ $22

EmeSealCrete is a deep-penetrating soil gas and moisture barrier. According to the EPA, the number one cause of lung cancer in non-smokers is radon gas. Pene-Seal-Crete reduces the presence of radon in a home by reacting with concrete’s free lime and forming an expanded crystalline structure beneath the surface. This process fills up pores, voids or cracks within the concrete, that may or may not be visible to the human eye, eliminating capillary action to prevent the penetration of moisture and soil gas infiltration. It may also be used to permanently densify, strengthen, and waterproof new and existing concrete before coatings are applied..

Application: For block walls, dilute 1 gallon of Pene-Seal-Crete with 2 gallons of hot water; for poured concrete walls, dilute with 3 gallons of water. Be sure to mix thoroughly in a clean bucket or pail. To maximize its use, Manufacturer commends two applications of EmeSealCrete.


Protection form radon gass and from moisture vapor entering property can be prevented with pene seal crete  from Nextstar technologies

 Peraration of concentrate  pene seal crete for protction of radon gas and moisture vapor  in basements  


Protect homes against dangerous soil gases, including radon, and moisture. A "must do" in any household!
•Easy to apply by using a low-pressure hand sprayer or by brooming on45 minslab keeping wet for
•May be applied on poured foundations or concrete block; above or below grade, interior or exterior, vertical or horizontal
•Covers approximately 200 square feet per diluted gallon, pending substrate composition and porosity
•Harmless to the environment and applicator
•Colorless, odorless and solvent free
•Not a membrane type sealer, concrete may be painted over after application
•Also available in cases of four gallons and five gallon containers





EmeSealCrete seals out moisture and radon gas transmission throgh concrete, buy in concentrate.

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