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Standard Low Pressure Injection Port
Standard Injection Port
Injection ports for low pressure injection singles Plus.Can be injected directly from mixer or use feed hose.
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Corner Port
Injection corner ports for low pressure injection for corners or drilled injection loactions.
$0.90 USD
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Extra Low Profile crack injection surface port
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Extra Low Profile crack injection surface port
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Extra Low Profile crack injection surface port

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Low Profile Port
$1.00 USD
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The Emecole Low Profile Surface Port is a modular injection port for the repair of foundation cracks. The Emecole Low Profile Surface Port consists of a base very similar to the standard  Surface Ports. The Low Profile Surface Port's unique design makes it an indispensable injection accessory for both epoxies and polyurethane foams. It may be used in combination with both Emecole Surface Ports and Emecole Corner Surface Ports, or used alone as a low profile port. The Emecole Low Profile Surface Port can be easily capped after removing the extension. The leftover port is only 1/4" off the foundation wall.

The Emecole Low Profile Surface Port's base is separate from the stem section of the port. The stem and base can be attached for the injection process, and then separated after the injection is complete. The base is then capped with a low profile cap. The net result is that after the injection process is finished, there is typically no need to remove the ports from the wall in many situations as the port barely exceeds the thickness of the surface seal on the wall.

The low profile surface port's stem can be attached to either of Emecole's standard surface ports or corner surface ports, resulting in an extended stem length when necessary.

Extra low Profile surface port for low pressure crack injection.

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