HM 300  Grouting Epoxy
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HM 300  Grouting Epoxy
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HM 300 Grouting Epoxy

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HM 300
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Emecole 300 HM Th ixo is a two-component, 100% solids, moisture insensitive, non-sag epoxy gel. It is formulatedas a high strength, high modulus adhesive and mortar binder. Emecole 300 HM develops high strength forgrouting dowels, for sealing cracks, honeycomb, tie rods and for vertical and overhead repairs of structural concrete.Emecole 300 HM is typically mixed with aggregate to yield a high-strength epoxy mortar (up to 70/30 by weightaggregate/300HM)

Smooth gel consistency which is easy to work with; high strength; moisture insensitive; good bond strength andchemical resistance; mixes easily with aggregate.

ASTM C-881 Types 1, 11, IV and V. Grade 3, Class B & C

Surfaces must be structurally sound, clean, dry and free of contaminates. Remove defective concrete, cavities, andother defects by routing to sound material. If possible, sandblast or acid- etch surfaces to provide a clean, absorptivesubstrate.

Pre-mix Emecole 300 HM Part A and Part B separately. Combine one part of Part A resin to one part of Part B hardener( by weight or volume) in a clean container and mix thoroughly using a slow speed motor and paddle mixer. For mortar, mix one gallon by loose volume of #20 or #30 silica or quartz sand (25 pounds) up to one gallon of mixed 300HM.

231 cubic inches per gallon neat; in the order of 360-462 cubic inches/gallon when aggregate is added.

Do not apply in temperatures below 40°F or to frozen, frost fi lled or damp surfaces. Use with adequate ventilation.
Emecole 300 HM contains an alkaline amine. Avoid breathing vapors and prolonged contact with the skin. Do no
use solvents to thin. Use only oven dried aggregate to make mortar. Maximum thickness is 1- 1/2 inches per lift .

2 gallons Epoxy for grouting block wall cracks and repair mortar

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