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1/4 X 24 Element Static mixer
1/4X24 Static Mixer
1/4in by 24 element static mixer standard for polyurethane crack injection systems
$3.00 USD
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Koster 2N1 polyurethane 1 gallon kit
Koster KB 2 IN 1 Polyurethane Resin
Koster 2n1 Resin for high pressure polyurethane injection systems with dual or single component pumps.1 Gallon Kit
$125.00 USD
In Stock

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Koster 2 IN 1 polyurethane dual cartridge 22oz 600ml
NextStar-technologies-concrete-foundation-crack-injection-repairItem DetailsPolurethane-crack-injection-kits
Koster 2 IN 1 polyurethane dual cartridge 22oz 600ml
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Koster 2 IN 1 polyurethane dual cartridge 22oz 600ml

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Koster 2N1 Polyurethane
$38.00 USD
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  • Dual Cartridge 22oz 600ml
  • fast reaction time
  • 2 resins in one
  • Water not required to be present



KOSTER 2 IN 1 acts like a single component injection resin if it comes into contact with water. In this case, it reacts to form a highly elastic foam. KOSTER  2 IN 1 acts like a two component injection resin under dry conditions. KOSTER  2 IN 1 remains elastic after reacting. It is able to follow crack movements and seal cracks permanently with an elastic polyurethane solid resin without the need for follow-up injections. KOSTER 2 IN 1 is a fast reacting foam for the short term closure of leaks as well as an elastic solid resin for permanent closure of cracks. KOSTER 2 IN 1 therefore combines two resins into one product. KOSTER 2 IN 1 is solvent free and is resistant to hydrolysis.

KOSTER KB-Pur 2 IN 1 is the standard material for waterproofing cracks. The material forms a foam when it comes in contact with water and stops it by reacting with the water or displacing it. A second injection using the same material permanently and elastically waterproofs the crack.

Requires 1/4 x 24 element mixer

Recommended to have 2 cartridges per on hand per10 ft of cracks


Koster 2n1 (2in1)Resin for Low pressure polyurethane injection systems fast reaction to water but water not required to cure as a resin. Without water cures as elastic resin.

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