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Koster 2 IN 1 polyurethane dual cartridge 22oz 600ml
Koster 2N1 Polyurethane
Koster 2n1 (2in1)Resin for Low pressure polyurethane injection systems fast reaction to water but water not required to cure as a resin. Without water cures as elastic resin.
$38.00 USD
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Koster KB  2 IN1 polyurethane 6 gallon kit
Koster 2N1 Resin 6 Gallon kit
Koster 2n1 Resin for high pressure polyurethane injection systems with dual or single component pumps.
$536.00 USD
In Stock

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Koster 2N1 polyurethane 1 gallon kit
NextStar-technologies-concrete-foundation-crack-injection-repairItem DetailsPolurethane-crack-injection-kits
Koster 2N1 polyurethane 1 gallon kit
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Koster 2N1 polyurethane 1 gallon kit

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Koster KB 2 IN 1 Polyurethane Resin
$125.00 USD
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  In Stock

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  • Use with Single or Dual high pressure polyurethane pumps
  • fast reaction time
  • 2 resins in one
  • Can also be used with low pressure systems



KOSTER 2 IN 1 acts like a single component injection resin if it comes into contact with water. In this case, it reacts to form a highly elastic foam. KOSTER  2 IN 1 acts like a two component injection resin under dry conditions. KOSTER  2 IN 1 remains elastic after reacting. It is able to follow crack movements and seal cracks permanently with an elastic polyurethane solid resin without the need for follow-up injections. KOSTER 2 IN 1 is a fast reacting foam for the short term closure of leaks as well as an elastic solid resin for permanent closure of cracks. KOSTER 2 IN 1 therefore combines two resins into one product. KOSTER 2 IN 1 is solvent free and is resistant to hydrolysis.

KOSTER KB-Pur 2 IN 1 is the standard material for waterproofing cracks. The material forms a foam when it comes in contact with water and stops it by reacting with the water or displacing it. A second injection using the same material permanently and elastically waterproofs the crack.

High pressure crack injection systems with polyurethane

Koster 2n1 Resin for high pressure polyurethane injection systems with dual or single component pumps.1 Gallon Kit

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