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Standard Low Pressure Injection Port
Standard Injection Port
Injection ports for low pressure injection singles Plus.Can be injected directly from mixer or use feed hose.
$0.85 USD
In Stock

Extra Low Profile crack injection surface port
Low Profile Port
Extra low Profile surface port for low pressure crack injection.
$1.00 USD
In Stock

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Low Pressure injection corner port
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Low Pressure injection corner port
Item Name:

Low Pressure injection corner port

Item #:
Corner Port
$0.90 USD
$0.81 USD (50- 100 discount)
$0.76 USD (100-249 discount)
$0.69 USD (250 - 999 units)
$0.45 USD (1000 +Bulk discount)
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  In Stock

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Standard injection Corner port for low presure injection .

  • Standard low presure injection corner port
  • Used where flat port will not fit or wall corners/holes
  • Mixers can be inserted directly into ports for direct access or used
    with feed hose for hard to get areas
  • Can be removed quickly
  • Paste in plase with port setting epoxy or drilled application to hold in place
  • Drilled application requires 5/8 hole



Surface Corner port application

Corner Ports for Non-Corner Wall Cracks "Previously" Repaired with Hydraulic Cement

A common question we receive from contractors regards normal (non-cornered) wall cracks previously "repaired" with hydraulic cement. Since the use of hydraulic cement only covers the crack, as opposed to actually filling the crack inside the foundation wall, it doesn't take long for leaking water to resurface. For such situations, injection with an  polyurethane foam or epoxy is possible. For such applications, the Corner Port may provide a better fit over the cement's rough texture - this option may help prevent the applicator from initially having to remove the hydraulic cement. Blitz powder can also be used seal port in place when a 5/8 pilot hole is drilled .

Corner port with drilled applications for concrete crack repair and injection

Injection corner ports for low pressure injection for corners or drilled injection loactions.

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