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Grinding Shroud for 4.5in & 5in hand grinders
Grinding Shroud
Concrete Dust Shroud for grinders with cup wheels fits most 4 to 5 in hand grinders. Control while grinding flat or vertical surfaces.
$65.00 USD  $49.00 USD
In Stock

4in V crack Chaser for Angle Grinders
Crack chaser 4 in
4 in Crack Chasing V Diamond blade for fast crack repairs on slabs and floor restoration. Also can be used for identifying cracks in walls , will fit most 4in - 5in hand grinders.
$85.00 USD  $49.00 USD
In Stock

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Stiching Tows for Slab Repair
NextStar-technologies-concrete-foundation-crack-injection-repairItem DetailsPolurethane-crack-injection-kits
Stiching Tows for Slab Repair
Item Name:

Stiching Tows for Slab Repair

Item #:
Stiching-dog Kit
$96.00 USD  $66.00 USD
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  In Stock

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18 Carbon Fiber stiching Tows

 NextStar Carbon Fiber Stitching Dogs have been created for actively moving or expanding cracks when Roadware ,Epoxy,E555 is not enough alone. Each Stitching Dog adds up to 1300psi of tensile strength.  NextStar's Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Stitching Tows are the first commercially available carbon fiber repair product designated specifically for concrete surfaces where slab movement needs to be prevented.  Use in conjunction with E555, Epoxy or Roadware products.

Easy Install just cut slot in concrete with standard diamond blade ,drop in and bond.

Easy install of carbon fiber stiching tows (dogs)  with standard angle grinerFortress stitching tows carbon fiber 1300lbs tensill


Carbon Fiber Stitching Tows add 1320 PSI tensile to assure the longevity of a slab crack repair 18 per strip

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