WA- 700 Water Alarm Dialer
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WA- 700 Water Alarm Dialer
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WA- 700 Water Alarm Dialer

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WA- 700 Water Alarm Dialer
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Coming home to a flood as a result of a broken water pipe or other  disaster can prove both devastating and costly. When an event like  this occurs, it is essential to discover the problem before it gets  so big the damage becomes irreversible. Surely water sensors are an  ideal solution to a potential problem like this, but the beauty of a  sensor such as WA-700 is that no matter where you  are or what time of day it is, it'll notify you the minute their is a  flood or other water-related problem at home.

The WA-700 - Control Products Basic Water Alarm uses convenient but relatively simple technology to do this: it  simply calls your cellphone when an emergency occurs. The set  up is easy and merely requires you to plug the system into any  available telephone jack in your home, while the sensor itself is  extendable and can reach virtually any room or area. No hidden fees  are associated with this product as it requires ZERO monitoring,  while the system will call you to alert you of an emergency  repeatedly until the alarm is acknowledged.  Additionally, the system  uses 2 regular AA batteries, so even if the power is out in your home  or area, the system will continue to work without a glitch.


  • Automatically calls any phone number to alert you if you are not home
  • Plugs into any available telephone jack
  • Extendable water sensor to reach any area in your home
  • No monitoring fees
  • No installation
  • Works even if the power is out
  • Continues to call until the alarm is acknowledged
  • Uses existing phone lines (land line and most DSL< VOIP Systems)
  • Audible chirp upon water or low battery alarm
  • 2-AA Batteries required (not included)
  • Alarm message in English SPECS

    Use Anywhere:

    • Basement - monitor sump pump operation and leaking hot water heaters
    • Bathrooms - monitor for leaking toilets or broken hoses and pipes from baths, showers, sinks and toilets
    • Kitchen - monitor ice makers, dishwashers and sinks
    • Washing Machine - monitor if hoses break or drains overflow
    • Air Conditioning Condensate Pans - monitor if the pan has overflowed or if drain is plugged.

WA 700 Water alarm that can hook to phone line to dial you when your sump pump or basement has water problems .Home owners and property managers alike.

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