10 Minute  Mender ( 2 Quart)kit
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10 Minute Mender ( 2 Quart)kit
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10 Minute mender roadware 2 Q kit
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Roadware 10 Minute concrete Mender 2 Quart Kit , 2 part hybrid urethane ultra low viscosity concrete repair material. Fast and reliable repair of cracked and spalled concrete.

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10 Minute Concrete Minder Review
10 Minute Concrete Minder Review
I used this product last fall to repair a sizeable section of my 33 year old garage floor edge that had crumbled away due to age and freeze/thaw cycle. Application was simple. Sanding the repaired section did not work but the use of an inexpensive angle grinder worked well. Note the repaired section does not match the concrete color. The repair has seen 1 winter and seems to be holding up well. I am planning to try this product on some spalled sections of my garage floor.
- Anonymous
ROADWARE 10 MINUTE CONCRETE MENDERâ„¢ is a two-part polyurethane that penetrates deep into concrete to make permanent concrete repairs. Purchase 2 Quart kit online.

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