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    Nextstar is your specialist in concrete crack & foundation repair. Basement Foundation leaks and cracks. Sump Pumps and Epoxy.Call today Grande Prairie Alberta! 780-518-9806 866-445-3984

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    Most basement leaks are not structural but can cause considerable damage and can be easly repaired with polyurethane injections or Epoxy without digging up the foundation. Call 780-518-9806

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    NextStar provides serveral soultions for bowed and horizontally cracked concrete walls Carbon Fiber / Kevlar reinforcements used with Epoxy injection to restore to structural stability . Call 780-518-9806 in the Grande Prairie Alberta and surounding area read more

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    NextStar can service and repair your sump pump problems or if required intall internal or extrernal sump pump systems . 780-518-9806

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    Add value to your home and garage by having a Startech Epoxy and Polyaspartic concrete floor coating. Nextstar installs to commercial standards, Only except the best, Professional installation , concrete grinding and shot-blasting for the best adhesion.

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    Most basements that have the grade level above the window sill require wells to control soil level and with a vertical weeper control water, local installation in Grande Prairie Alberta! 780-518-9806 866-445-3984

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NextStar Technologies is your local Grande Prairie foundation specialist.
The repairing of structural deficiencies, or concrete wall seepage and concrete cracks. Repair of foundation cracks is a critical aspect of the basement waterproofing process. Today, the most efficient and economical way to repair poured foundation cracks is with a low-pressure injection of either epoxy or polyurethane foam. These methods are permanent and inject entirely through the wall, not just a patch or temporary seal.
NextStar provides a variety of polyurethane and epoxy resin injection materials and services for the repair of basement wall cracks. Fully Warranted professional service, Free Estimates.


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The Crack Injection ProcessConcrete crack injecton animation of poured wall to stop basement and crack leakage using polyurethane or optionaly using epoxy

epoxy and polyurethance crack repair contractors grande prairie alberta canada

Foundation Crack repair

Non-Structural Concrete Cracks: Wet and Leaking

Polyurethane Injection

Most concrete foundation cracks are strictly leaking problems, especially during heavy rains and snowmelt. Not only can excess water in the basement, potentially damage or ruin valuable items, but chances for mold and mildew growth are significantly higher, which directly impacts a home's indoor air quality.

Basement wall cracks also can widen. While a particular foundation crack may not necessarily be a problem at the time, that can change as soon as the next heavy rainstorm arrives. After a foundation crack forms, the prospect of water seepage (whether slight or major) is not a matter of if, but a matter of when. If water leakage from a foundation crack is minimal now, the potential exists for the concrete gap to widen, allowing further seepage into the basement.

These basement wall cracks, resulting from shrinkage, generally take place within the first 30 days after a foundation has been poured. As water within the concrete evaporates, the concrete shrinks. When extra water is added to the concrete, it makes it easier to install for the builder. Unfortunately, the wetter the concrete mix is, the more shrinkage will occur, which ultimately weakens the foundation. Also, the natural settling of the foundation can lead to concrete cracks. Most cracks in a foundation will happen in the first two years after the foundation has been poured in place. However, this does not mean they will leak immediately, and soil conditions can play a factor. Leaks may not occur for years after a flaw has developed.
For wet and leaking concrete foundation cracks, the preferred injection material is Polyurethane. Polyurethane foam is a flexible material that quickly injects into the crack. Upon contact with water or moisture within the wall break, Polyurethane foam reacts by expanding throughout the void, filling the crack and any void on the foundation's exterior.

Structural Foundation Cracks:

Epoxy Crack Injection

For structural defects, epoxy is injected to effectively structurally bond the concrete back together and can be further reinforced with the use of Carbon fiber and Kevlar reinforcement systems.

Structural foundation problemsFor Structural Foundation wall defects, Epoxy is preferred to bond the concrete back together effectively and structurally. It can be further reinforced with the use of Carbon fiber and Kevlar systems. These Epoxies are made in many different thicknesses and will penetrate or fill through the wall to the exterior. The same methods are used for snap ties, spalls, and many other structural defects in the concrete foundation wall.

Strutural wall failure
bowed foundation wall repair
Concrete crack repair with injection systems of polyurethane and epoxy to waterproof basements Fortress  gcarbon fiber grid strap lifetime warrenty

Epoxy Crack Injection Service


Sump Pump Service

NextStar Technologies is Grande Prairie's supplier of Electronically controlled premium Ion Brand sump pumps. We can supply and complete sump pump installs, including a new pit.

Sump pump service and repairShould your home require a sump pump service to replace a failed internal sump pump. For some older houses where the current weeping tile drain has failed or collapsed, the first option before any excavation is to install a new sump pump deeper than average to control groundwater and is highly successful. Sump Pump replacement


External Sump Pump Systems

There are situations where internal sump pumps cannot be used or are ineffective. When a structure has no weeping tile or when the current weeping tile has collapsed and failed.

External Sump Pump SystemsThe most common use is with walk out basements when the current weeping tile tends to freeze in the winter. An external system will allow dewatering below the frost line this will prevent water from being forced under the basement slab. This water under the slab can saturate the local expansive clay and cause floor heaving.

installation of External Sump and dewatering system


Weeping Tile Systems

Also known as drain tile, is a perforated pipe that surrounds your foundation at its foundation base,intended to allow groundwater to drain off through a sump pump or tied to the sewer to stop water from entering your basement.

flooded basement A collapsed weeping tile or a malfunctioning sump pump can leave your basement flooded when you least expect it. Some older houses built before 1960 may not have any weeping tile and may require a sump pump install at a minimum.

What can go wrong with weeping tile?

Drain tile problems Not drain completely and allow water to undermine the footing and come up from the basement floor. This can also happen when the weeping tile is partially crushed from soil pressure over time.
Weeping tile problems The weeping tile can also silt up from surface and rain water draining from downspouts or the driveway overtime next to the house in silty soil. Flowing water washes dirt over time into the weeping tile reducing its effectiveness.
Weeping tile installations During construction, the weeping tile may not have been adequately covered in washed rock and clay covered over the tile drain holes, again reducing its effectiveness. It is common to find that the drain tile was crushed during the backfill process during construction, but the problem does not show up for years.
weeping tile dig up
City of Grande Prairie In the City Grande Prairie and in most Alberta communities, Sirca 1988 building code changed from allowing groundwater to drain into the sewer to mandating connecting a sump pit and pumping to the exterior. In previous construction, most houses would have a backflow preventer installed when tied to the sewer so that sewage cannot back up into the weeping tile . This backflow preventer can cause problems when they get stuck in the closed position and is a common problem with this system when they age.


Window Well Installation

Call Nextstar for professional installation of your window wells and be assured that it is installed correctly.

basement Window WellsWindow wells are used when the soil level is above the sill plate. Window wells serve three functions:
1. Hold back soil from the window.

2. Installed far enough to allow egress from the basement window.

3. Allow for water drainage to the weeping tile system .

Most window wells are not appropriately installed as most are too small, not allowing for Egress and most commonly installed without installing the drain tile extension. Installed believing that the well will hold back water.

Window Well Installation Window well drain system


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