• concrete bowed walls suported with carbon fiber

    Carbon Fiber for Concrete

    Wall Reinforcement

    NextStar is your specialists in Carbon Fiber for poured concrete and block walls. Carbon fiber is an excellent choice for bowed or walls that need extra strength. Easy to apply and stronger then steel.

  • carbon fiber and epoxy reinforcement of cracked concrete walls

    Certified and Tested Carbon fiber

    Quality Supply

    NextStar concrete crack repair products are of the highest quality along with tested and proven products with ICC certification.

  • carbon fiber concrete wall kits

    DIY Foundation Carbon Wall

    Carbon Fiber Fabric

    NextStars easy to use carbon fiber fabric reinforcement kits that can also be used on irregular shapes.

  • Carbon fiber wall straps fabric for concrete

    Carbon Fiber Staples for Walls and Floors

    Staples & Stitches

    Fortress carbon fiber staples are a preferred product for angle cracking used on foundation walls and concrete swimming pools. They have been used for many years with proven results.

  • Concrete reinforcemnet carbon fiber staples and stitching dogs

    Reinforcement of Concrete with


    Carbon Fiber Stitching and staples are a cost effective solution to prevent re-cracking of concrete floors and is a preferred solution before any floor coatings are applied.

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NextStar Carbon Fiber - Kevlar Structural Concrete Repair

Carbon Fiber Reinforcement

carbon fiber reinforcement for concrete walls with carbon fiber,kevlar and carbon fiber staples. Foundation basement crack repair with carbon fiber stablization for concrete and masonary walls.

Replacing steel with carbon fiber for concrete repair
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Introducing Carbon Fiber / Kevlar technology in the form of Carbon Fiber / Kevlar Grid straps from Fortress, the next step in permanent foundation stabilization. The hybrid grid strap system is comprised of high tensile strength carbon fibers woven together by Kevlar strands. The carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) offers a superior strengthening system to steel in many ways.

Carbon fiber/kevlar grid straps are designed for stabilizing both poured concrete and block walls. Due to the extreme high strength-to-weight ratio, carbon fiber reinforcement is the repair material of choice for bowed basement walls, bridge columns, and concrete beams to restore and maintain structural integrity.

While steel offers a 53,000 psi, Fortress carbon fiber offers an unbelievable tensile strength of 234,700 psi. When strength is a critical factor, there is no match to Fortress carbon fiber reinforced polymer solutions.

Composite Material with Corrosion Resistance

Carbon fiber is now a proven popular alternative to steel for reinforcing structural substrates in residential and commercial applications. Carbon fiber is highly effective at adding tensile strength to concrete. It is superior to steel since it is stronger, stiffer and non-corrosive.

Better Stress Distribution

Carbon fiber composite Staples and Stitches add strength to Epoxy injected cracks to transfer stress across the repair and extend the life of the repair.

Wide Ranges of Reinforced Concrete Applications

Carbon fiber can also be bonded to the surface of a concrete structure at any time to stop bowing and cracking. This allows limitless applications for new construction, repair, retrofit, and seismic upgrades.

Anchors for Fail-Safe Design

To prevent a secondary failure originating from the top or bottom shear forces, all Fortress carbon fiber reinforcement solutions come with top and bottom anchors. The top anchor can bear 4,500lbs, and the bottom anchor can be 5,500lbs of shear load, twice the maximum load they’ll ever be subjected to.

Less Intrusive Wall Repair Kit

A carbon fiber installation is less conspicuous and intrusive than, say, I-beam or tie-back steel solutions. The carbon fiber straps are cost-effective and do not deface your walls. They are an unassuming presence that blends smoothly into the wall on which you install them. Once you paint them over, they are practically invisible and melt into their surroundings.

The terrific properties of CFRP make a reinforced concrete wall stronger than the original wall by many magnitudes.

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Epoxy for Carbon Fiber
Specialty Epoxies for use with Fortress stabilization carbon fiber products
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Fortress Carbon Fiber-Kevlar Grid Strap Wall Stabilization ICC Kit
Stabilize poured concrete wall or cinder block walls from bowing and re-cracking with 6 strap carbon fiber Kevlar Fortress Grid wall support Straps. ICC Certified .
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Fortress 6 Grid Strap Kit
In Stock
10 Carbon fiber countersunk concrete Staples kit ,Epoxy ,Tool
Kit with 10 carbon fiber staples,epoxy and tool in an easy to use kit.Add strength to repaired wall cracks with countersunk concrete staples.
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10 Carbon Fiber Staples kit
DIY Carbon Fiber Wall Repair Wall Repair Kit
DIY Carbon Fiber fabric 36ft wall kit with epoxy and instructions to reinforce up to 20 ft of wall. Includes free epoxy applicator.
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DIY Carbon fiber Wall Repair
$495.00 USD
In Stock
600 GSM Carbon Fiber Fabric for Concrete Contractor kit
36ft 600 GSM Contractor carbon fiber fabric kit. Use for corners or irregular shaped and bowed concrete walls for reinforcement.Concrete Walls, cinder block,retaining walls ,concrete corners.
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600 GSM Carbon Fiber Fabric kit
$395.00 USD
In Stock
Carbon Fiber Grid Stitch kit for Concrete Cracking
Fortress Grid-Stitch™ is a pre-impregnated, bidirectional carbon fiber grid strap for use as crack stitching and strengthening of concrete and masonry structures. Fortress Grid-Stitch™ straps .Walls , floors ,pools and any crack control need.
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Fortress Grid-Stitch™ Kit
$69.00 USD
In Stock
ICC Code Approved Carbon Fiber Wall Reinforcement Kit 75ft
ICC Code Approved carbon fiber wall reinforcement kit with 75ft of Carbon fiber, 10 top and bottom of wall anchors. Engineered and tested to be the strongest anchoring system top to bottom.
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8400 carbon fiber wall repair kit
$1,100.00 USD
In Stock
Fortress Kevlar Necktie Anchor kit 6 straps
Fortress Stabalization Kevlar Necktie Top of wall anchor system used with fortress grid strap installations 6 anchors with bolts supplied in the kit
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Fortress Kevlar Neckties 6
$321.00 USD
In Stock
8-15 ft Epoxy & Carbon fiber Stitch Staple kit
The Ultimate in cracked concrete wall repair for structural repair. A combined kit of epoxy injection and Carbon Fiber Stitches, complete kit for up to 15 ft of wall in an easy to use kit.
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8-15ft Ultimate Repair Kit
$300.00 USD
In Stock
Fortress Corner Grid Strap kit
Stabilize Corners of poured concrete wall or cinder block walls from expanding outward.
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Fortress Corner Grid kit
$599.00 USD
In Stock
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