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    Basement Foundation Epoxy crack repair kits by Nextstar are your choice in concrete crack repair for foundations with structural problems. National # 1-866-445-3984

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    30 ft Foundation Epoxy Crack Injection kits

    Epoxy Injection

    Epoxy concrete crack injection kits products are used by contractors and professionals for foundations with structural cracks. Offering a solution to restore concrete to its original strength.

  • concrete foundation crack injection repair kit with epoxy

    Foundation Crack Repair Kits

    Concrete Cracks

    Professional results with Polyurethane of leaking basement concrete cracks, Polyurethane foam is used for leaking foundations using the low pressure crack injection methods . Easy to use kits.

  • concrete foundation restoration and structural reinforcement

    Repair of Cracked foundation walls


    Preferred solutions that can effectively repair common problems with broken or cracked concrete. Solutions for structural repair of concrete including carbon fiber solutions for reinforcement with Epoxy.

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    Concrete Reinforcement

    Wall Flaws

    Epoxy injections allow to permanently repair wall spalls caused by unconsolidated concrete. They are weak spots in the wall and should be injected with epoxy. Typically found in ICF and poured concrete walls that were not vibrated when poured.

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6in wide 600 GSM  Carbon Fiber Fabric for Concrete with Epoxy
600 GSM Contractor bulk unidirectional carbon fiber by the ft up to total of 162ft /50m roll with Fortec Epoxy included. Use for reinforcement of concrete corners or irregularly shaped or bowed concrete or cinder block walls.
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Epoxy concrete repair kit
10ft Pro Epoxy Concrete Crack Injection Kit optional Upgrades to 60ft for structural concrete foundation wall crack repairs using low-pressure injection of epoxy. Includes Low Viscosity 32 degree curing epoxy. Can be upgraded to a 60ft contractor kit.
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$218.00 USD

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30 ft Epoxy DIY Foundation Crack Injection Repair Kit
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30 ft Epoxy DIY Foundation Crack Injection Repair Kit
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30 ft Epoxy DIY Foundation Crack Injection Repair Kit

Item #:30ft Epoxy Pro Kit
$445.00 USD
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HD Spring Loaded Applicator (Add $35.00 USD)
Upgrade to Seal & Peal Paste (Add $45.00 USD)
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Introducing DIY 30ft Pro Epoxy Foundation Crack Injection Kit

Presenting DIY Epoxy Foundation Wall Crack Repair Kit – the ultimate repair solution for structural cracks on your foundation and basement concrete walls. Due to its high strength and durability, this epoxy injection kit is used for applications where structural integrity is of paramount importance, such as foundation walls.

The two-component, special purpose epoxy is designed to cure quickly and gel into a strong, rigid, and high-strength adhesive-like material in the crack. Once the epoxy is injected into the crack, it sets rapidly, even when the wall temperature is hitting the freezing point. As it sets, the two-component epoxy forms an extremely rigid and near-indestructible weld between the wall surfaces of the crack, joining them permanently. Ideal to be used with carbon fiber as the primary repair and the carbon fiber is used to provide a secondary reinforcement.


  • Concrete Basement Cracks
  • Concrete Foundation & Footing cracks
  • Vertical/Overhead spall repairs
  • Structural Crack Repairs
  • Restoration of the Structural Strength of the Concrete
  • Broken Concrete Elements of Walls or Foundations


  • Cures rapidly; even in damp cracks
  • Reinforces the structural integrity of the structure
  • Shrink-proof
  • Easy to apply. Use of Dual cartridge application tool (provided)
  • Extreme strength repair for concrete failures
  • Designed for low-pressure crack injection. Penetrates the crack’s depth


Kit Components 30 ft Epoxy Crack Injection kit

Professional grade concrete injection epoxy 6 Professional-grade dual cartridge (600ml each) Premium Low Viscosity Epoxy. 32deg f rated, Enough material to inject a 1/8" wide by 10 ft. long crack

dual cartridge of sealing paste 3 Dual cartridge of Crack Seal and Port Adhesive type 901 Paste.

surface injection ports 50 Surface injection ports and caps – enough for a 30-35 ft. long crack

surface injection ports 10 Surface Corner ports and caps – enough for a 10-15 ft. long crack

static mixing nossles 7 - 1/4 x 32 mixing nozzles, flow restrictors & nut (for use with Epoxy resin)

crack injection feed hose Injection hose assembly with shut-off valve

mixing sticks Wire brush Six wooden sticks

Safety PPE Safety Goggles, 5 pairs of nitrile gloves

Safety PPE Fast Setting Epoxy for blowouts during injection

concrete NX-300 Manual dispensing tool (300/300-150ml)

Complete set of NextStar foundation repair instructions Complete instructions & instructional Flash Drive video & MSDS Data

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Kit options

60ft epoxy kit items list Kit Components for the 60 ft Epoxy version + Extras
  • 12 Professional-grade dual cartridges (600ml each) Premium LV Epoxy. Enough material to inject a 1/8" wide by 60 ft. long crack
  • 6 Dual cartridges of Crack Seal and Port Adhesive type 901 Paste.
  • 100 Surface injection ports and caps – enough for a 60-65 ft. long crack
  • 10 Corner Surface injection ports and caps enough for 8 ft corner crack
  • 7 - 1/4 x 32 mixing nozzles, flow restrictors & 6 nuts (for use with Epoxy resin)
  • 3 Injection hose assembly’s with shut-off valve
  • 12 wooden sticks & Wire brush
  • Safety goggles & 5 pairs of nitrile gloves
  • Fast setting blowout epoxy
  • NX-300 Manual dispensing tool (300/300-150ml)
  • Complete instructions & instructional Flash Drive video & MSDS Data


optional items Optional items:
  • Heavy Duty applicator that has 26:1 trust ratio vs the standard 18:1 ratio which makes dispensing thick products much easier and supplied with multi ratio push discs for fast change to other types of products that we supply.
  • Spring-loaded applicator frees up the user from having to apply constant pressure during the injection, only occasional pumping is required to maintain the pressure at a max of 50 psi. A great option for larger or ongoing projects
  • Other options include adding extra Epoxy with different viscosities for larger cracks or changing the ratio of standard surface ports to corner ports to suit your needs. Links to Epoxies various viscosities



Why Traditional Repair Solutions Do Not Work?

When load-bearing concrete wall cracks, traditional repair solutions made of the same concrete or similar materials do not provide lasting repair solutions. The original cracks appeared due to ground movement, settling of the structure, faults in wall construction, or other extreme loads. These factors will continue to be present even after the repair is finished. So, it’s just a matter of time before the new repair material breaks again because the fault is already there. In short, you’ll be stuck in endless cycles of repair every few years. In worse cases, the structure may collapse without a warning.

Why NextStar’s Dual-Component Crack Injection Works?

This epoxy injection kit is specifically designed for extreme-strength applications, such as those where structural integrity is critical. When the structural integrity of concrete is a problem or believed to be a problem, epoxy is the preferred material for injection. Epoxies effectively seal cracks while reinforcing the repair area to be stronger than the non-repaired area around it. Our dual-component epoxy delivers the extra-reinforcement and long-term repair solution you need. Here’s how:

  • Our epoxy resin is designed to form a heavy-duty seal as soon as it cures. The low-pressure crack injection process penetrates and completely fills the wall crack void all the way through the thickness of the wall to the exterior.  When it cures, it not only forms a near-unbreakable bond but is much stronger than the surrounding material. So, even under extraordinary forces, the repair material will not break. It ensures the proper repair of the cracked wall.
  • This special-purpose epoxy resin sets incredibly fast, which comes handy when you are repairing vertical structures. As soon as the epoxy leaves the application tool into the crack, it starts hardening. There is no fear of the epoxy sagging. It hardens into a highly rigid adhesive material within 24hrs and is designed to gel within 20 minutes.


Additional Information

When you have a crack that requires structural reinforcement, you need an Epoxy injection material that will provide strength and support to the wall. The polyurethane foam kit is not a suitable choice for this purpose as it is designed to repair leaking wall cracks, not to provide any structural strength.  Nexstar’s Epoxy Foundation Crack Repair Kits is the recommended choice for a structural crack repair.

Working with Epoxy

When using epoxy for the repair of your foundation or basement wall you may need to consider the width of the crack or flaw itself. Epoxy does not expand when injected into the crack so the amount of volume with epoxy kits is based on 1/8 inch wide. The crack may be also wedge-shaped or a void area so calculating the amount of Epoxy needed can vary considerably. It is recommended with wide cracks that a high viscosity or injectable paste is used to prevent loss of product due to drain out effect which will occur if a thinner viscosity is used. Review our online volume calculator to see if you have enough product to complete your repair.

Carbon fiber reinforcement can be used with epoxy repairs to reinforce the repair against forces pulling the concrete apart. Epoxy is not compressible and Carbon fiber stitches or carbon fiber fabric across a repair will prevent the concrete from pulling apart if the condition exists.  Epoxy crack injection on its own is an excellent solution but used in conjunction with carbon fiber provides extra structural support in situations where lateral and a pulling force is acting on the concrete. 


30 foot Epoxy crack repair kit for structural low pressure epoxy injection repair of a concrete wall crack.  Kit includes low viscosity epoxy unless a substitute viscosity is requested.  Additional supplies can be added for wider cracks.
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