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    Concrete Foundation Epoxy Crack Injection

    Epoxy Repair Kits

    Foundation Epoxy crack repair kits by Nextstar are your choice in concrete crack repair for foundations with structural problems. National # 1-866-445-3984

  • epoxy concrete crack repair products epoxy injection kits for concrete foundations and supplies

    Foundation Epoxy Crack Injection kits

    Epoxy Injection

    Epoxy concrete crack injection kits products are used by contractors and professionals for foundations with structural cracks. Offering a solution to restore concrete to its original strength.

  • concrete foundation crack injection repair kit with epoxy

    Foundation Crack Repair Kits

    Concrete Cracks

    Professional results with Polyurethane of leaking basement concrete cracks, Polyurethane foam is used for leaking foundations using the low pressure crack injection methods . Easy to use kits.

  • concrete foundation restoration and structural reinforcement

    Repair of Cracked foundation walls


    Preferred solutions that can effectively repair common problems with broken or cracked concrete. Solutions for structural repair of concrete including carbon fiber solutions for reinforcement with Epoxy.

  • Low Pressure polyurethane crack injection

    Concrete Reinforcement

    Wall Flaws

    Epoxy injections allow to permanently repair wall spalls caused by unconsolidated concrete. They are weak spots in the wall and should be injected with epoxy. Typically found in ICF and poured concrete walls that were not vibrated when poured.

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Carbon Fiber Grid Stitch kit for Concrete Cracking
Fortress Grid-Stitch™ Kit
Fortress Grid-Stitch™ is a pre-impregnated, bidirectional carbon fiber grid strap for use as crack stitching and strengthening of concrete and masonry structures. Fortress Grid-Stitch™ straps .Walls , floors ,pools and any crack control need.
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Epoxy foundation crack repair kit 10ft
10 ft Epoxy Kit 6
Structural Epoxy to repair basement wall cracks up to 10 ft using low-pressure crack injection with epoxy. This kit can be upgraded to 20ft Enhanced kit.
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8-15 ft Epoxy & Carbon fiber Stitch Staple kit
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8-15 ft Epoxy & Carbon fiber Stitch Staple kit
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8-15 ft Epoxy & Carbon fiber Stitch Staple kit

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8-15ft Ultimate Repair Kit
$300.00 USD
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Extra Injection Epoxy
Tell us how wide the crack is
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Included items

Ultimate Epoxy Injection & Carbon Fiber Stitch Kit
The Ultimate in Structural Concrete crack repair
*10 Carbon Fiber Stitch Staples
* 1 Epoxy Dual Tube of Fortress 4000
* 3 Dual Tubes of MV Injection Epoxy
* 1 Dual Tube of Port setting Epoxy
* 15 Surface Injection Ports
* Static mixers for Epoxy
* 4 Pair gloves & putty knife


Including Epoxy Dispensing Tool
* Feed Hose
* Wire brush
* Safety Goggles
* CD & Written instructions
* Recommended that you have hand grinder with turbo zip blade to cut slots for the stitches.

Carbonn Fiber Grid Stitch

A combined kit of epoxy injection and Carbon Fiber Staples, complete kit for up to 15 ft of wall in an easy to use kit. Repair foundation structural cracks using Carbon Fiber Staples and Epoxy Injection provides the best solution for a permanent and long lasting repair.  Structural cracks in concrete are caused by movement in the foundation, thus resulting in long-term creeping and fatiguing of concrete. Crack repair by injection alone may not be a permanent solution. Epoxy injection in structural crack repair is a suitable first phase,this kit also provides the use of Carbon Fiber Countersunk Staples providing the necessary reinforcement. By cross-stitching with Countersunk Staples within the foundation crack area, creep and fatigue is eliminated and improves long-term performance of repair material. Carbon fiber has proven to be a safer and more effective product for structural reinforcement than steel. Countersunk Staples, when installed, lay flat against the foundation, leaving the wall with no obstruction and ready to paint.
Enough product to inject a crack 1/8 wide 9 ft long

Download Cabon Fiber Staple Installation instructions
Kit Epoxy for injecton volume is 1800Mls
Crack volume = 1/8in wide 1 ft long 10in thick wall uses 240Mls per ft
Crack volume = 1/4in wide 1 ft long 10in thick wall uses 480Mls per ft

Carbon Fiber Staple Stitch for concrete structural crack repairCarbonn Fiber Grid Stitch



The Ultimate in cracked concrete wall repair for structural repair. A combined kit of epoxy injection and Carbon Fiber Stitches, complete kit for up to 15 ft of wall in an easy to use kit.
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