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Combo Crawl Space liner 58" X 62'
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Combo Crawl Space liner 58" X 62'
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Combo Crawl Space liner 58" X 62'

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Combo Liner

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The EmeSeal Drain Fabric Poly Combo Liner is a combined drain fabric and white polyethylene floor liner fused together, specifically for crawl space floors. The Combo Liner combines the effort of installing both drain fabric and floor liner into one simple process.


For moisture control, the drain fabric layer allows water to flow out of it, while also allowing air movement under and through it. This keeps the liner dry, thus avoiding mold growth. This combined drain fabric and liner is very durable - virtually anything in a crawl space may be placed on it and rolled over it.


The EmeSeal Combo Liner is laid down directly on the floor.


  • 5' x 62' dimension    
  • Aprox. 90 mil thick (polyethylene layer aprox. 25 mil thick)    
  • Prevents liner from "sticking" to soil    
  • Enhances water drainage beneath liner    
  • 100% polypropylene fibers - won't rot or decay    
  • Cushions floor - protects liner, hands and knees


Combo Liner

EmeSeal Drain Fabric Poly Combo Liner is our combined drain fabric and white polyethylene floor liner fused together, specifically for crawl space floors.
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