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    Nextstar Technologies Specializes in basement leak and drainage issues. NW Alberta local 780-518-9806

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    Nextstar specializes in basement leaks and drainage issues. Products for effective basement drainage issues with foundation crack repair and sump pump services. call 780-518-9806

  • Concrete crack injection is another method to control water from entering a basement

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    Some basements also require crack injection to repair leaks and cracks in the walls to contribute to the waterproofing solution. NextStar can provide complete solutions from the bottom up.

  • Weeping tile and sump pump repair

    Concrete basement Walls


    Older houses can have problems such as collapsed weeping tile in conjunction with a nonfunctioning sump pump. Either problem can leave a basement wet and unusable unless corrective action is taken to resolve drainage problems, this may include crack injection to keep water outside of the walls.

  • Sump Pump systems

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    Nextstar provides many different solutions for residential or commercial applications including back up power systems pump applications. This also includes electronic float control sensors to eliminate mechanical float failures.

Basement Sump Pumps

NextStar can effectively repair common problems with failed sump pumps or weeping tile problems.

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Concrete contractor services in the grande prairie alberta region

Basement sump pump repair Repair or replacement of sump pumps/

solve weeping tile problems Diagnose basement drainage problems

installation of custom smp pits Installation of Custom Sump Pits.

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Sump pump alarm and control systems

Sump Pump services services in the Grande Prairie Alberta region

Sump Pump Installation & Repair

Common Basement sump pump repair problems Common problems such as failed pump or float can be easily solved.

Basement sump pump repair In the local area if your house was built after 1959 the weeping tile is most likely tied to the sewer line through a backflow valve. These valves very often get stuck shut preventing water from draining from your weeping tile and backing water along the perimeter of the basement. This age of construction can also suffer from collapsed weeping tile after many years of soil settling.

Houses built in the 1980,s Houses built in the 80s started using internal sump pits and pumps and are pumped out to the exterior of the foundation. These systems do not have any backflow issues but still may suffer from a collapsed weeping tile. If the sump pump discharge hose freezes it can burn out the sump pump and allow the sump pit water to overflow into the basement.

basements built before 1960 Houses built before 1960 may not have any weeping tile or sump system. These basements can be a problem if the water table rises above the basement floor level and may require on the extreme side of digging the basement and installing weeping tile and sump pit system. The least costly would be to install a sump pit and pump but since there is no weeping tile, the pit must be deeper than normal to be effective at all at dewatering.

Concrete contractor services in the grande prairie alberta region

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