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    Nextstar distributes premium Roadware concrete repair products for concrete cracks and damage in concrete floors and slabs in USA & Canada

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    Exclusive products for concrete cracks and slab repair. We also offer the general public a select line of D-I-Y slab kits.

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    Professional results with Roadware Flexible Cement II™ for expansion joints.

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    Preferred Solutions that can effectively repair common problems with concrete floor slabs, fast repair & strong structural repair of floor slabs.

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    Reinforcement of Concrete with

    Fast Repair

    10-Minute Mender can work together to reinforce weak, delaminated, cracked, and broken concrete; Nextstar is your preferred supplier of Roadware 10-Minute Mender. Buy directly online with confidence. Telephone support is provided for all your concrete repair needs.

10 minute Mender 50mL cartridges
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10 Minute Concrete Mender 600ml Cartridge
Purchase Roadware 10 Minute Mender tube, a fast and effective solution for concrete floor crack and slab crack spall repair. Available exclusively at Nextstar Technologies
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10 Minute Mender (2 Quart) Floor Kit
Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender 2 Quart Kit is a two part hybrid ultra low viscosity urethane that penetrates deep for a fast and reliable permanent slab crack or spall repair.
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$155.00 USD

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10 Minute Mender 50ML Cartridges 80105
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10 Minute Mender 50ML Cartridges 80105
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10 Minute Mender 50ML Cartridges 80105

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$18.00 USD
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Application Tool
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10-Minute Mender Dual 50mL Cartridges 

"Fast Concrete Repair with Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender" Experience a breakthrough in concrete repair with Roadware’s innovative two-part hybrid urethane formula. Achieve a seamless finish on cracks and spalls quickly and efficiently. Its ultra-low viscosity ensures deep penetration for a permanent fix that outlasts traditional epoxy solutions without becoming brittle.

Top Benefits:of Radware 10- Minute Mender

  • Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender™: The ultimate solution for rapid concrete repairs.

  • Rapid Cure: Ready for traffic in just 10 minutes (20 minutes for LO Version)
  • Effortless Prep: No saw cuts needed for quick, easy application.
  • Versatile Application: No depth limitations and a low-cost alternative.
  • All-Weather Repair: Effective curing even in temperatures as low as -20°F (LO Version -6).
  • Strong Adhesion: Bonds reliably to concrete, masonry, steel, and wood.
  • Floor Coating Compatibility: Works seamlessly with all types of floor coatings.
  • Moisture Resilience: Tolerates moisture for consistent performance.
  • Durable Flexibility: Maintains integrity with 4% elongation and no shrinkage.
  • Chemical Resistance: Offers excellent protection against chemical exposure.
  • Ultra-Thin Formula: Low surface tension for a smooth finish.
  • High-Strength Cure: Achieves a cure strength of 4500 psi.
  • Dynamic Load Handling: Transfers loads effectively for long-lasting repairs.
  • Finish Options: Paintable and grindable for a polished look.
  • Sand Mixable: Trowelable consistency when mixed with sand (up to 3 parts).
  • USDA Compliant: Meets strict guidelines for safety and quality.
  • Carbon Fiber Reinforcement: Compatible with Carbon Fiber Stitches and Staples for enhanced stability.

Ideal for fast structural concrete repair, Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender is the go-to solution for hairline slab repairs, including broken edges. Note: While not UV stable, a simple coating ensures color retention under sunlight.

Roadware 10-minute Mender50mlx50ml 80105 cartridges for repairing deep concrete cracks. Small cartridges easy use.
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