• concrete bowed walls supported with carbon fiber

    Carbon Fiber Grid Stitch for Concrete

    Walls & Floors

    Carbon Fiber grid stich replaces standard concrete cand other carbon fiber staples. More than twice the bonding surface area. Carbon fiber is an excellent choice for cracked concrete walls and floors that need extra strength. Easy to apply and stronger than steel.

  • carbon fiber and epoxy reinforcement of cracked concrete

    Certified and Tested Carbon fiber

    Quality Supply

    NextStar concrete crack repair products are of the highest quality along with tested and proven products with ICC certification.

  • carbon fiber concrete wall kits

    DIY Foundation Carbon Wall

    Carbon Fiber Fabric

    NextStars easy to use carbon fiber fabric reinforcement kits that can also be used on irregular shapes.

  • Carbon fiber wall straps fabric for concrete

    Carbon Fiber Staples for Walls and Floors

    Staples & Stitches

    Fortress carbon fiber staples are a preferred product for angle cracking used on foundation walls and concrete swimming pools. They have been used for many years with proven results.

  • Concrete reinforcement carbon fiber staples and stitching dogs

    Reinforcement of Concrete with


    Carbon Fiber Stitching and staples are a cost effective solution to prevent re-cracking of concrete floors and is a preferred solution before any floor coatings are applied.

Fortress concrete grid stitch kit
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Carbon Fiber Grid Stitch Concrete Repair Kit
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Carbon Fiber Grid Stitch Staple for concrete
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Carbon Fiber Grid Stitch Concrete Repair Kit

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Fortress Carbon Fiber Grid Stitch Kit for Concrete Cracking

15 Grid Stitch and Epoxy kit 
New Version November 2020

Fortress Grid-Stitch is comprised of high tensile strength carbon fibers. This makes it ideal for concrete wall crack reinforcement repair. typically used for concrete crack repair and reinforcement, concrete floors, foundation walls, swimming pools, any poured concrete that needs reinforcement. Typically installed 8-18 inches apart, this stitch is stronger than traditional staples, and is easy to install. This structural crack stitching and reinforcement system is a pre-impregnated, unidirectional carbon fiber grid stitch for structural reinforcement for crack stitching. It is used usually in conjunction with Epoxy injection or other structural crack injection methods. The grid stitch has more than twice the surface area than staples, which helps it create a stronger and more effective bond.

  • carbon fiber grid stitch Grid Stitch Kit Includes
  • Carbon fiber grid for floors and walls 15 Carbon Fiber Fortress Grid Stitches
  • Fortress 4000 Epoxy 1 450ml Dual tube of 4000 Epoxy
  • Static mixer for Fortress epoxy 1 Static mixer and trowel
  • Carbon fiber grid stitch installation instructions Instructions and Gloves
  • Carbon fiber wall and floor repair Dual 300x150 ml Application tool Required (see options above)
    Made in the USA

Carbon Fiber Concrete Grid Stitching Applications 

      • Diagonal and vertical poured concrete wall cracks
      • For ceilings, basement walls, and concrete and masonry foundational walls
      • Extension of concrete wall life
      • Floor-slab repair before application of epoxy or polyurea floor coatings.
      • Pool Deck Repairs
      • Before or after Epoxy Crack injection
      • Carbon Fiber Grid Stitch data sheetDownload Technical Data Sheet 
      • Carbon Fiber Grid Stitch data sheetInstructions

Installation of  a Carbon Fiber Stitch for concrete

Easy install with a standard hand grinder with a turbo diamond blade.

Easy install of grid staple stitch


Fortress Carbon Fiber Grid-Stitch™ is a concrete crack control carbon fiber grid stitch for use as crack stitching and strengthening of concrete and masonry structures. For concrete Floors and walls, pools.
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