• concrete bowed walls supported with carbon fiber

    Pro Carbon Fiber Wall Kit 54 ft

    Highlights of this Kit:

    •6 Top wall anchors with Unidirectional 600GSM Carbon Fiber • Engineered and tested to be the strongest anchoring system top to bottom •  Ideal for Block and Poured concrete bowing walls for foundations • Concrete Wall Repair Solution • Upgradable to 75 ft 10 straps

  • carbon fiber and epoxy reinforcement of cracked concrete walls

    Certified and Tested Carbon fiber

    Quality Supply

    NextStar concrete crack repair products are of the highest quality along with tested and proven products.

  • carbon fiber concrete wall kits

    DIY Foundation Carbon Wall

    Carbon Fiber Fabric

    NextStars easy-to-use carbon fiber fabric wall reinforcement kits that can also be used on irregular shapes such as corners, retaining walls and any vertical or horizontal wall.

  • Carbon fiber wall straps fabric for concrete

    Carbon Fiber Stitches for Walls and Floors

    Staples - Stitches

    Fortress carbon fiber staples and Stitches are a preferred product for angle cracking used on foundation walls and concrete swimming pools. They have been used for many years with proven results.

  • Concrete reinforcement carbon fiber staples and stitching dogs

    Reinforcement of Concrete with


    Carbon Fiber Stitching and staples are a cost-effective solution to prevent re-cracking of concrete floors and walls and are a preferred solution before any floor coatings are applied.

Diy Pro carbon Fiber wall kit
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DIY Carbon Fiber Wall Repair Kit 54ft
DIY Carbon fiber wall reinforcement kit with 54ft of 8inch wide Carbon fiber straps for bowed concrete foundation walls with Epoxy. For poured or block foundation walls.Provided in uncut roll for the most flexible use.
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Bowed Block Wall Carbon Fiber Repair kit 12"x 54'ft BigFoot
DIY 12in Wide Carbon Fiber and Epoxy foundation kit, Great for concrete block basement walls. Transfer stress loads to a much larger area .
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Carbon Guard Fiber Wall Reinforcement Kit 54ft
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Carbon Guard Fiber Wall Reinforcement Kit 54ft
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Carbon Guard Fiber Wall Reinforcement Kit 54ft

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$999.00 USD
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Upgrade to 10 Straps (Add $495.00 USD)
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D-I-Y Carbon Fiber Wall Repair Wall Repair Kit
28ft of wall coverage

 This product has been discontinued please refer to This new kit 

Introducing D-I-Y Carbon Fiber Wall Repair Kit: Easy, Affordable, and Extremely Strong

Fix your foundation walls like a pro and stop them from bowing further with NextStar’s revolutionary D-I-Y wall repair kit. This advanced wall repair kit combines the unrivaled strength of aerospace and military-grade carbon fiber with the ease of a regular wall repair patch kit. The product is a lightweight, ultra-strong, and durable wall repair solution that’s built to last.

The high-performance carbon fiber composite offers many advantages over other solutions:

  • Extreme Strength and Durability (stronger than steel)
  • It’s incredibly lightweight
  • Proven results
  • Extremely cost-effective
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Blends effortlessly into the wall once painted over

Instructions included can be used for Block or Poured Concrete Walls

This carbon fiber reinforcement kit combines all these advantages into one neat D-I-Y solution that’s so easy to use that anybody can use it to fix the crack in their wall. There’s no heavy lifting involved. You can reinforce your concrete wall, or any other type of foundation wall with this wall repair kit and be done with it in your free time. That easy.

Kit includes all the tools needed to complete the wall repair project:

1 - 55' long roll carbon fiber 450 GSM, equaling -6' straps 28ft of wall coverage at 4ft spacing starting 4 ft from a corner 

1 - Thick Anchor epoxy tubes 6 Tubes of Xtreem 800 Carbon fiber Epoxy

1- Dual tube of Xtreeme 1200 anchoring Epoxy

6 - Static epoxy mixers

1 - Roller trays 1 - Roller heads 2 - Rollers

1 - Gloves

2 - Plastic Trowels

6 - Top/Bottom wall Anchors for Block walls

1 - CRW - double tube epoxy gun (Epoxy gun FREE with the first 28ft kit)

 Instructions Documents *Free Shipping Contractor Pricing Contractor pricing does not include free shipping or Dispensing tool

Easy Carbon Fiber Wall Repair in 10 Simple Steps:

This is a simple DIY project. You can repair basement wall cracks and stop any further bowing of your wall. We supply everything you need in the kit. Check out how easy it is:

 Simplified instructions for a Poured Concrete or Block Wall

1. Wire brush the bare concrete or grind if painted for the wall strap locations.

2. Using one the bottom anchors a guide pre-drill the bottom anchor holes.

2. Dispense Xtreme 800 Epoxy™ into the paint tray (tray and roller provided in our kit

5. Roll a coat of the Xtreme 800 Epoxy onto the vertically prepared area where the carbon fiber strap will lay.

6. Apply the Carbon fiber to the wall and roll any air pockets out and apply a new layer of Epoxy over the carbon fiber.

7. Apply the top anchor (block walls) and fold the carbon over the top anchor and apply more epoxy under the fold.

8. Using the Xtreem 1200 epoxy the bottom wall anchor into the pre-drilled holes. 

9. Fold the bottom carbon over the bottom anchor and apply more 800 Epoxy.

10. One carbon fiber wall strap has been completed move to the next location and repeat.


How it Works

Carbon fiber is a super-rigid construction material. Our wall repair kit allows you to physically bond carbon fiber with the concrete of your foundation walls. Once you are done, the concrete wall’s movement is constrained by the carbon fiber strap, which features an extraordinarily high tensile strength and does not yield or stretch one bit. In fact, carbon fiber’s rigidity is as much as 2 to 5 times that of steel. As a result, the wall is prevented from bowing any further.



Carbon fiber, one of the strongest materials in the world, has been prohibitively expensive for decades. It is only recently that it became affordable enough to find commercial applications. Even then, it was a purely commercial-grade material, and regular consumers had no access to it. It was typically used for extreme-strength applications like concrete bridges, multilevel parking structures, high-rise buildings, and so on.

Our Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Polymer-based wall repair kit brings this space-age material to you – in an entirely do-it-yourself form. For block walls, repair patch kit features a superior-top and bottom wall anchor system.

What’s more, it’s affordable, it’s incredibly easy to use, and it prevents your wall from bowing any further – even a fraction of an inch.


As you can see, no experience is required whatsoever. These kits can be used to create wall supports for bowing walls like Bowed cracked cinder block walls and bowed cracked poured concrete walls. They can also be used for reinforcing retaining wall and cracked concrete corners, and even for separating concrete attachment walls.

This D-I-Y Carbon Fiber Wall Repair Solution is an entirely hassle-free, clean, and refreshing installation. It doesn’t require you to dig around or on the wall. It doesn’t create a huge mess either. More importantly, it’s a maintenance-free installation. You install it once, paint over it, and forget about it.

The astonishing strength of carbon fiber translates into extra-durable wall supports in the form of straps. So, you never have to worry about them failing. That means huge savings on the future wall repair jobs that you’d inevitably make when using traditional materials like steel or concrete.

Carbon Guard Brand Carbon fiber Block wall reinforcement kit with 54ft of Carbon fiber 6 top and bottom of wall anchors. Block wall Engineered and tested to be a strong anchoring system top to bottom.
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