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    Concrete Epoxy crack injection products by Nextstar are your choice in concrete crack repair for foundations with structural problems. National # 1-866-445-3984

  • LV epoxy concrete crack repair products epoxy injection kits for concrete foundations and supplies

    Foundation Epoxy Crack Injection kits

    Epoxy Injection

    Epoxy concrete crack injection kits products are used by contractors and professionals for foundations with structural cracks. Offering a solution to restore concrete to its original strength.

  • concrete foundation crack injection repair kit with epoxy

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    Professional results with Epoxy of structural basement concrete cracks: Polyurethane foam is used for leaking foundations using the low-pressure crack injection methods. Easy to use kits.

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    Preferred solutions that can effectively repair common problems with broken or cracked concrete. Solutions for structural repair of concrete including carbon fiber solutions for reinforcement with Epoxy.

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    LV Epoxy injections allow the permanent repair of wall spalls caused by unconsolidated concrete. They are weak spots in the wall and should be injected with epoxy. Typically found in ICF and poured concrete walls that were not vibrated when poured.

Low Viscosity Crack Injection Epoxy for concrete
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Static Mixer Selector for dual cartridge tubes
Static Mixer Nozzles Selector for all of our products. Polyurethane Foam or Epoxy injection products including concrete floor repair chemicals to cartridge systems.
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Epoxy Medium Viscosity Tubeset
Introducing our MV Medium Viscosity fast setting Epoxy, designed for low pressure concrete crack injection. This product is perfect for structurally repairing cracks ranging from 1/32 to 1/4 inch, with a low temperature epoxy cure down to 32 Deg F.
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Epoxy Low Viscosity Tubeset
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Epoxy Low Viscosity Tubeset
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Epoxy Low Viscosity Tubeset

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Low Viscosity
$39.00 USD
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Low Viscosity Epoxy

LV Concrete Wall Crack Injection Features

  • NextStar LV Epoxy 1:1 Low Viscosity is a two-component epoxy resin system.
  • It is 100% solids and doesn't react to moisture.
  • The epoxy has a high modulus of elasticity.
  • It meets ASTM C-882 specifications.
  • High Strength Epoxy resin system
  • It thickens rapidly in cracks, including those smaller than 1/32 of an inch.This prevents material from leaking out the back of the crack for more than 10-20 minutes
  • Nextstar LV epoxy solves the problem of incomplete crack repairs caused by material leakage.
  • Cures low temperatures as low as 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celsius.

NextStar LV Epoxy
1:1 Ratio
Technical Specifications
Mix Ratio
Dual Cartridge Volume Total 600

Typical Properties: Value (average)


Viscosity A
Viscosity B

200-300 300-600
Pot-life 50gm
Tack Free Time
Final Cure 75% Ultimate Strength
Tensile Strength: ASTM D-638
Tensile Elongation ASTM D-638
Compressive Strength, ASTM D-695
Compressive Modulus, ASTM D-695
Shear Strength, ASTM D-732
Deflection temp, ASTM D-648
Bond Strength,ASTM C-882

Low Viscosity Epoxy USES

A) Structural repair of cracked concrete by pressure injection, grouting.

B) Monolithic restoration of delaminated concrete.

C) Grouting material when mixed with aggregate.

Packaged in Dual 300ML Tubes supplied with Nut & Static Mixer.
Contractors with special pricing must Purchase retaining nut and static mixers separately.


Mixer recommended for this LV Epoxy is the 1/4x 32  static mixer &  retaining Nut

Price per 600ml Tube set


Low viscosity epoxy crack injection offers several advantages for concrete foundation repair. Here are some key benefits:

Excellent Penetration: Low-viscosity epoxy has a thin consistency that allows it to penetrate deep into the cracks and fissures of the concrete foundation. This ensures optimal coverage and bonding with the surrounding concrete, resulting in a strong and durable repair.

Structural Integrity: When injected into the cracks, low-viscosity epoxy forms a powerful adhesive bond. It effectively reinforces the concrete, restoring its structural integrity and preventing further damage. The epoxy acts as a barrier against moisture, chemicals, and other harmful substances, preventing their penetration and safeguarding the foundation.

Fast and Efficient: Due to its low viscosity, this low temperature epoxy flows easily and quickly through narrow cracks and voids. The fast-gelling acting nature of low-viscosity epoxy makes it ideal for time-sensitive repairs.

Versatility: Low-viscosity epoxy can be used to repair a wide range of crack sizes, from hairline cracks to spall voids and fissures. Its fluid nature allows it to fill even the tiniest crevices, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive repair. This versatility makes it suitable for various applications, including residential, commercial, and industrial foundation projects.

Long-lasting Solution: Once cured, low-viscosity epoxy forms a strong and durable bond with the concrete. It has excellent resistance to movement, moisture, and temperature fluctuations, ensuring that the repaired foundation remains stable and intact over the long term. This longevity provides peace of mind and reduces the need for frequent repairs.

Cost-effective: Using low viscosity epoxy for crack injection can be a cost-effective solution compared to more extensive foundation repairs or replacements. By addressing cracks early on and preventing further damage, you can potentially save significant costs associated with extensive foundation repairs down the line.

Disadvantages of Epoxy crack injection with Low Viscosity Epoxy.

While low viscosity epoxy crack injection offers many advantages, it is important to consider potential disadvantages as well. Here are some factors to be aware of:

Limited Use for Wide Cracks: Low viscosity epoxy is typically not suitable for wide cracks or gaps in a concrete foundation. Its thin consistency may not effectively fill larger voids, and it may require additional reinforcement or alternate viscosity epoxy.

Sensitivity to Moisture: Low viscosity epoxy can be sensitive to water content in the concrete. Excessive moisture present in the cracks or surrounding areas can affect the epoxy's bonding strength. It is essential to ensure that the concrete is as dry as can be attained before injecting the epoxy.

Limited Working Time: Due to its low viscosity, some low-viscosity epoxy formulations have a relatively short working time. This means that once mixed, the epoxy must be applied and injected promptly before it begins to cure. it is best that the repair be completed in one application if possible within the working time.

More Skill Required: While low-viscosity epoxy crack injection can be performed as a DIY project, it does require a certain level of skill and patience to ensure proper application and achieve satisfactory results. Improper injection techniques or inadequate coverage may result in a subpar repair that may not fully address the underlying issues.

Inadequate for Structural Movement: If the cracks in the concrete foundation are a result of ongoing structural movement, low viscosity epoxy alone may not be sufficient for a long-term solution. It is important to assess the cause of the cracks and consider additional measures, such as addressing underlying foundation issues or implementing structural reinforcement methods, such as carbon fiber to ensure a comprehensive and lasting repair.

Q. What is Epoxy crack injection?
A. Epoxy crack injection is a structural method of repairing broken or cracked concrete and returning it to its original strength. Used on foundation walls, retaining walls, columns, grade beams etc.

Q. How does Epoxy crack injection work?
A. Epoxy, stronger than the concrete when cured effectively, can re bond the concrete together.

Q. Can the LV Epoxy be used at the same time as other viscosity epoxies like medium or high viscosity structural epoxy?
A. Yes all Nextstar Epoxies are compatible with each other and will bond to each other.

Q. Does low-viscosity epoxy expand?
A. Epoxy is a 100% solids so it does not expand but cures to a very hard resin stronger than the concrete. But because it does not expand it does take more material than urethane foams.

Q. Why would I use Epoxy vs Polyurethane Foam?
A. Epoxy is effectively bonding the concrete back together vs Polyurethane foam acts more like a gasket to prevent water from entering the foundation. Epoxy is a structural repair whereas polyurethane foam is a non-structural repair. Epoxy can be used in all situations.

Q. Will epoxy stop water?
A. Yes providing the injection was done properly.

Q. When should Epoxy injection always be used?
A. Epoxy should be used with all horizontal cracking and situations where there is a lateral force on the foundation.

LV Low Viscosity fast setting Low Temperature Epoxy for low pressure concrete crack injection designed to structurally repair cracks generally less than 1/32 of an inch wide and will cure down to 32 deg F.
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