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    NextStar is your specialist in concrete crack repair for foundation and slab floor restoration. Polyurethane foam, Epoxy, Polyurea, Special Urethanes & Carbon Fiber for concrete. National # 1-866-445-3984

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    Concrete crack repair products are used by contractors and professionals for foundation crack and slab repair.  Also offering a select line of D-I-Y products to the public. Enter Here

  • Basement and foundation crack repair for leaking basement foundations

    Foundation Crack Repair Kits

    Concrete Cracks

    Premium Polyurethane foam or Epoxy injection for basement concrete foundation cracks, to stop leaking foundations or repair of structural foundation walls using Epoxy.

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    Repair of broken concrete slab floors

    Slab Floors

    Preferred solutions that can effectively repair common problems with broken or cracked concrete floor slabs. Solutions for structural repair of concrete slabs including carbon fiber solutions for reinforcement.

  •  Concrete foundation reinforcement with carbon fiber stronger than steel

    Concrete Reinforcement

    Carbon Fiber

    Carbon Fiber solutions for cracked or bowed concrete structurally reinforced with carbon fiber, stronger than steel but at a reduced cost. Carbon fiber provides a modern proven solution to an old problem and is easy to apply.

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Dual Cartridge Applicator NX300  300x300ml & 150x300ml
Dual component manual injection gun 300XML and 150ML Used with our standard dual component epoxies and polyurethanes.
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Diamond Swirly Cup Grinding Wheel 5 Inch
5 inch Diamond Swirly Cup Wheel for standard hand grinders to prep for a carbon fiber grid strap install or to profile concrete before a coating or to finish slabs back to original profile after a repair.
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Fast Concrete Slab Crack Repair E555 Tubeset
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Fast Concrete Slab Crack Repair E555 Tubeset
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Fast Concrete Slab Crack Repair E555 Tubeset

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$48.95 USD
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Emecole E555 Floor Repair 

Emecole 555 is a very rapid set, high strength low viscosity concrete repair material. Emecole 555 repairs hairline cracks and larger in parking decks, warehouse floors, driveways, patios, pool decks, etc. It penetrates deep into the crack and cures in minutes. The product can have an overlay placed on it the same day. The repaired area can be put back into service in as little as 60 minutes. It works even in cold conditions. It is especially useful where low turnaround times are advantageous.

Recommended for concrete basement floor repair-cracks or spaces that are already occupied, the low odor and fast turnaround make it ideal. 

Emecole 555 is very low in viscosity allowing the product to penetrate deeply into concrete and does not become brittle.    

15-minute initial set, 60 minutes to back in service.

• High Impact Resistance

• Extremely Low Viscosity

• High Fuel and Chemical Resistance

• High Durability

• Convenient Packaging

• Self Leveling 

Included 1- 48 x 3/16 static mixer/nut and flow restrictor per tube set

Fast setting E555 crack repair for concrete slabs.  Very low odor making it ideal for residential basements and Garage Floor cracks.
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