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Sump Pump WC33i Primary with Ion Float Control
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Sump Pump WC33i Primary with Ion Float Control
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Sump Pump WC33i Primary with Ion Float Control

Item #:NX2402
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WC33I High Performance Sump Pump

The WC33i is a high performance, extremely durable primary sump pump for protecting most basements and crawlspaces from flooding. This energy-efficient pump is capable of removing 44 gallons per minute at 10’ to handle high water in-take situations.

The body of the WC33i is made from epoxy coated cast iron. This heavy-duty construction keeps the pump motor cool for maximum service life.

Switch Type

All NextStar sump pumps come with an Ion Switch. The switch electronically activates and de-activates the pump. There are no moving parts to wear out or get hung up on something in the pit and cause a pump failure. The Ion Switch is so reliable we offer the WC33i with a 3 Year, No Fuss Warranty.

At the bottom of the pump, there is a screened intake. It allows small debris to safely pass through but protects the pump impeller from anything large enough to cause damage.

  • 3 Year NO FUSS warranty.
  • Pumps 44 gallons per minute/2460 gallons per hour at 10’.
  • Body made from epoxy coated cast iron to keep the motor cool and maximum durability.
  • Screened intake to protect the pump from damage.
  • Comes with an Ion Switch. Provides the ultimate in reliability.
ION Primary Sump Pump 1/3hp with digital float control 44 Gal per min. Ion Digital Level Control Switch, a state-of-the-art water level sensor that electronically turns sump pumps on and off.
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