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    Premium Polyurethane kits are specially designed to be easy to use but still give professional and permanent repair results to stop leaking cracks to waterproof your foundation. See Kits Below

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    Nextstar concrete crack repair products are used to repair poured concrete foundation cracks. NextStar provides full support after the sale to make sure you have successful and professional results.

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    Leaking Foundation Crack repair

    Leaking Cracks

    Professional results with Polyurethane of leaking basement concrete cracks, Polyurethane foam is used for leaking foundations using the low pressure crack injection methods. Easy to use kits.

  • High Quality foundation  kits using polyurethane foam using low-pressure crack injection

    Wet Leaking walls and openings


    Polyurethane foam can effectively penetrate completely through a wall to permanently stop foundation water leaks and is the industry standard for non-structural concrete crack leak problems.

  • Low Pressure polyurethane crack injection

    Polyurethane Crack Injection


    Low-Pressure crack injection with polyurethane foam is a proven, easy and effective way to waterproof basement foundations that is permanent.

10-60ft Polyurethane Concrete Crack Foundation injection kit
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10ft DIY Universal Polyurethane Foam Crack Injection kit1
Kit 1 is a 10 ft DIY Universal auto injector low pressure polyurethane foundation crack injection kit designed to repair non-structural crack widths from 1/32 to 3/16 of an inch. No applicator tool required. Can be upgraded to 20 ft.
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10 ft DIY ULV Auto Injector Kit 3 for Ultra Small Cracks
10 ft DIY Epoxy Foundation Crack & Snaptie Auto Injector kit for super fine hairline crack repair using low-pressure injection with ultra low viscosity epoxy. Includes everything needed to repair a crack 1/64th of an inch or smaller and up to 10 ft long.
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$189.00 USD

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Polyurethane Crack Injection Kit 10-60ft
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Polyurethane Crack Injection Kit 10-60ft
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Polyurethane Crack Injection Kit 10-60ft

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10 ft Base kit
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10 ft Standard Base Kit
20 ft Kit (Add $79.00 USD)
30 ft Kit + (Add $189.00 USD)
60 ft Kit + (Add $462.00 USD)
Extra Dual Cartridge of Polyurethane (Add $29.00 USD)
Change 10ft kit to Corner Ports
Spring Loaded Contractor Tool (Add $65.00 USD)
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Concrete Foundation Leak Repair Made Easy

 Leaking  concrete basement foundation cracks Leaking concrete basement foundation cracks

  • Non-Structural foundation cracks Non-Structural Vertical or Diagonal Foundation Cracks
    Leaking  Pipe openings and holes Pipe openings and holes
    Leaking  Leaking voids and wall spalls Leaking voids and wall spalls
    No Excavation needed No Digging required
    Complete kit with every thing you need All the tools supplied that you will need.
    Repair like a ProfessionalProfessional results
    Support by NextStar Technologies NextStar Technical support

Wet Basement wall leakleaking crack from corner of window 

Base Kit Components 10 ft Polyurethane Foam Concrete Crack Injection kit

Professional grade polyurethane 1 Professional-Grade dual cartridge (600ml each) containing Premium Polyurethane Foam #102. Enough material to inject a 3/16" wide by 10 ft. long crack

dual cartridge of sealing paste 1 cartridge of Crack Seal and Port Adhesive type 903 Paste.

dual cartridge injection tool 1  Dual Cartridge Injection tool

surface injection ports 15 Surface injection ports and caps – enough for a 10-15 ft. long crack, Optionally can be changed to Corner Ports

static mixing nozzles 2 - 1/4 x 24 Static mixing nozzles & nut (for use with injection resin)

crack injection feed hose Injection hose assembly with shut-off valve

mixing sticks Trowel, mixing sticks & water syringe

Safety PPE Safety goggles & 4 pairs of nitrile gloves

wire brush for cleaning the concrete crack Wire Brush 

Complete set of NextStar foundation repair instructions Complete instructions & instructional Flash Drive Video & MSDS Data Read basic repair procedure

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Concrete crack wall repair kit options

Includes all the essential parts of a 10ft kit such as the Injection tool, Gloves, Brush, etc with the addition of:

  • 1 more Dual Cartridges of #102 Polyurethane (2 Total) w extra static mixers
  • 1 more Dual Cartridges of 903 Port & Crack sealing paste (2 Total)
  • 15 Surface injection ports (30 Total)– enough for a 20-25 ft. long crack
  • 1 Crack injection Feed hose total

Shipping USA Canada

  • Includes all the essential parts of a 10ft kit such as the Injection tool, Gloves, Brush, etc with the addition of:
  • 2 more Dual Cartridges of #102 Polyurethane (3 Total) w extra static mixers
  • 2 more Dual Cartridges of 903 Port & Crack sealing paste (3 Total )
  • 50 Surface injection ports and caps (50 total)– enough for a 30-35 ft. long crack
  • 2Crack injection Feed hoses (3 Total)
  • 10 Surface Corner ports total
  • Shipping USA Canada

  • Includes All the essential parts of a 10ft kit such as the Injection tool, Gloves, Brush, etc with the addition of:
  • 5 more Dual Cartridges of #102 Polyurethane (6 total) w extra static mixers
  • 5 Dual Cartridges of 903 Port & Crack sealing paste (6 Total)
  • Surface injection ports and caps (100 total)– enough for a 60-75 ft. long crack
  • 3 Crack injection Feed hoses (4 total)
  • 10 Surface Corner ports total
  • Shipping USA Canada

The Heavy Duty applicator has a 26:1 trust ratio vs. the standard 18:1 ratio, which makes dispensing thick products much more manageable. This tool with multi ratio push discs for fast change to other ratio types of products we produce, such as 1:1, 2:1, 3:1 ratios.
The Spring-Loaded Contractor applicator has all the features of the heavy-duty version. Still, it frees up the user from applying constant pressure during concrete injection, and only occasional pumping is required to maintain the pressure at a maximum of 50 psi. An excellent option for more extensive or ongoing projects where more time working is with the tool, and the spring helps reduce hand fatigue during the foundation repair process. Other options include adding extra Polyurethane or changing the ratio of standard surface ports to corner ports to suit your foundation crack repair needs.

Easy-to-Use as DIY Kit or Upgrade to a Professional Tool same products

D-I-Y Polyurethane Foam Crack Injection Kits offer a professional-grade solution against water leaks in leaking concrete walls. The kit is so user-friendly that even someone who has minimal D-I-Y project experience can use it. No construction expertise or specialized equipment is required because no exterior digging or excavation is needed for the project. The low-pressure injection process from the inside fills up the cracks, pores, pipe openings, voids, joints, and is an easy and straightforward industry-approved method.
These kits offer the same product that professional contractors use to repair leaking cracks. The advantage of this kit is that it simplifies the repair process for the D-I-Y users. All the repair essentials, including the tools, are provided as part of the equipment. The user can follow the manual instructions and perform the repair with ease without any professional assistance. The result will be as good and secure as that performed by a professional. Polyurethane injection kits include a flash drive that shows many examples of different situations such as spalls, snap ties, and other scenarios that are quite frequent with basement wall repair.


When is it recommended to use Polyurethane Foam Injection?

We recommend using the Polyurethane Injection kits for sealing and waterproofing non-structural cracks in poured concrete walls. Low-pressure foundation crack injection kits are the recommended solution for leaking, wet, or damp cracks or flaws. The kits listed work very well for concrete fractures from 1/32 (1mm) to ¼ in (65mm).

Active leaking cracks. Should the concrete foundation crack be ultra-fine, been repaired before, not visible but will not stop leaking or weeping. It may be better to use our High-Pressure Polyurethane kit as it does not matter if that foundation wall is wet or not.


Why Polyurethane Foam Crack Injection Works

NextStar has engineered kits to offer a lasting repair solution for leaking cracks in concrete foundation walls. Here are the various reasons why it is more effective than the other options available in the market.
Polyurethane foam is hydrophobic, which means that it reacts with moisture and water. Unlike concrete, it does not absorb or retain water but expels it during reaction time. The foam creates a watertight seal throughout the foundation wall thickness by filling up every nook, corner, and open space of the crack from the inside. There is no room left for water to penetrate, settle, or seep.

The high-density foam expands over ten times its original size and does not lose its volume over time. In other words, the seal it creates is permanent.

When the foam cures, it forms a semi-flexible resin. This flexibility preserves its integrity over many decades, despite ground movement and continuous changes in temperatures and seasons. As a result, this is a powerful basement waterproofing method.


Tips & Notes for Repair of Leaky foundation walls and cracks

1. Don’t be in a rush to complete the crack injection process; it can take up to 5 minutes for the Polyurethane to travel to the next port.
2. Very Small Hairline Cracks require that you heat the Polyurethane Cartridge in advance by placing it in hot water.
3. Above Grade Cracks on the foundation's exterior need be sealed up with epoxy paste from the kit, sealant, or hydraulic cement to keep the product in the wall during the injection curing process.
4. Corner Cracks The standard injection ports can be cut or bent to fit in a corner crack if you have no corner ports or add the option to your order.
5. Spring Loaded Contractor Application Tool. We recommended if you plan to do 30 or more feet of repairs or plan to do ongoing large foundation repair projects.
6. Dry Concrete walls The wall that you are applying the sealing epoxy paste should be dry and clean while doing the sealing; after that, it can be wet. A wet wall prevents the port can crack sealer from sticking to the wall.


The Seven Steps to complete Low-pressure Concrete Polyurethane Crack Injection.

    1. 1. Using the Wire brush provided clean vigorously the crack's length to remove any debris or loose paint so that the surface is clean to attach the surface ports.
    2. 2. Using the port setting, paste dispense on cardboard or paper plate and mix by hand a small amount until it turns grey.
    3. 3. Using the paste, attach the surface ports to the wall every 8-10 inches apart.
    4. 4. Hand mixing more surface and port setting paste now seal up between the ports and over the exposed crack to keep the product in the wall during the injection. Let the sealing paste cure until it is hard for 1-2 hours.
    5. 5. Using the syringe provided or water bottle, flush some water into each injection port; this will see if the port is open to inject resin and provide the moisture that polyurethane injection resins need to start the chemical reaction foaming. Flushing water will also show if an adequate job of sealing the
    6. surface crack was done by having no leaks.
    7. 6. Install a static mixing tube on the end of a cartridge and install it into the dual dispensing tool. A feed hose will make it easier to get at hard-to-reach ports.
    8. 7. Start at the lowest level port of the foundation crack in the wall. Start injecting in this port slowly until it arrives at the next port above. Cap this port and move up to the next port and repeat the process until completed. Once you get to the last port, all of the previous work is now waterproof.


When is this kit not suitable, and you should use Epoxy?

When you have a crack that requires structural reinforcement, you need to use an injection material that provides strength and support to the wall. Polyurethane foam is not a suitable choice for this purpose. A NextStar Kit is customized to offer complete protection against foundation wall cracks and water intrusion. Polyurethane Foam does not provide any structural strength. Usually, the limit for these types of low-pressure crack injection is ¼ in (1cm). In such a case, Nexstar’s Epoxy Foundation Crack Repair Kits would be the ideal choice. For structural strength, Epoxy Resin is used in a similar method and injected with low pressure but technically glues the wall back together as one piece. Still, if the wall is seasonally moving, you should reinforce the foundation wall cracks with Carbon Fiber reinforcement after the injection repair.

FYI? Structural cracks in basement walls are generally horizontal.

Wide horizontal or diagonal cracks are a sign of structural problems, and you may need to contact a local structural engineer for recommendations.
A majority of cracks in poured concrete foundations have already become stable and repaired to stop water from leaking in. Basement wall cracks are commonly vertical or diagonal, and many begin in the corner of the poured window cut out. The best repair product to use for this type of foundation flaw is the expanding Polyurethane Foam Resin. Polyurethane foam remains flexible and allows for concrete's natural thermal movement. Contact with water causes a chemical reaction in the Polyurethane to vigorously expand 10 to 20 times its original volume filling the entire flaw, void, length, and crack depth. Water will not find the crack again!



This example Picture is of a basement wall that clearly has some structural problems and in this example, it will require both epoxy injection and wall reinforcement with carbon fiber to stabilize. This particular basement also required excavation to install a waterproofing membrane and weeping tile. If you have a problem like this refer, to the Epoxy Page.

Picture example of a structural crack



10ft Pro Polyurethane Concrete Crack Injection Kit optional  upgrades to 60ft for Leaking foundation basement wall leaks, Professionally repair concrete wall cracks from 1/32 to 3/8 in wide. Free Shipping with Professional support.
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