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    Concrete crack repair products are used by contractors and professionals for foundation crack and slab repair.  Also offering a select line of D-I-Y products to the public. Enter Here

  • concrete foundation crack repair with urethane foam or epoxy

    Foundation Crack Repair Kits

    Concrete Cracks

    Premium Polyurethane foam or Epoxy injection for basement concrete foundation cracks, to stop leaking foundations or repair of structural foundation walls using Epoxy.

  • concrete floor slab crack restoration and structural reinforcement

    Repair of broken concrete slab floors

    Slab Floors

    Preferred solutions that can effectively repair common problems with broken or cracked concrete floor slabs. Solutions for structural repair of concrete slabs including carbon fiber solutions for reinforcement.

  • Concrete foundation reinforcement with carbon fiber stronger than steel

    Concrete Reinforcement

    Carbon Fiber

    Carbon Fiber solutions for cracked or bowed concrete structurally reinforced with carbon fiber, stronger that steel but at a reduced cost. Carbon fiber provides a modern proven solution to an old problem and easy to apply.

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Static Mixer Selector for dual cartridge tubes
Static Mixer Nozzles
Static Mixer Nozzles Selector for all of our products. Polyurethane Foam or Epoxy injection products including concrete floor repair chemicals to cartridge systems.
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Koster 2n1 Polyurethane One Gal Kit
Koster 2 In1 Polyurethane One Gal Kit
1 Gallon Kit KOSTER 2 IN 1 remains elastic after reacting. It is able to follow crack movements and seal cracks permanently with an elastic polyurethane solid resin without the need for follow-up injections.
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$125.00 USD

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Koster 2n1 Polyurethane Individual Tubeset Dual 600ml
NextStar-technologies-concrete-foundation-crack-injection-repairItem DetailsPolyurethane-crack-injection-kits
Koster 2n1 Polyurethane Individual Tubeset Dual 600ml
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Koster 2n1 Polyurethane Individual Tubeset Dual 600ml

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Koster 2IN1 Polyurethane Individual Tubeset
$38.00 USD
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  • Koster 2IN1 Polyurethane Resin in Cartridges

  • Dual Cartridge 22oz 600ml

  • Fast reaction time

  • Two resins in one

  • Water is not required to be present

  • Static Mixer 1/4x24 Element and retaining nut provided

KOSTER 2 IN 1 acts like a single component injection resin if it comes into contact with water. In this case, it reacts to form a highly elastic foam. KOSTER  2 IN 1 acts like a two-component injection resin under dry conditions. KOSTER  2 IN 1 remains elastic after reacting. It can follow crack movements and seal cracks permanently with an elastic polyurethane solid resin without the need for follow-up injections. KOSTER 2 IN 1 is a fast-reacting foam for the closure of leaks and an elastic solid resin for the cracked concrete permanent closure. KOSTER 2 IN 1, therefore, combines two resins into one product. KOSTER 2 IN 1 is solvent-free and is resistant to hydrolysis.

KOSTER KB-Pur 2 IN 1 is the standard material for waterproofing cracks. The material forms a foam when it comes in contact with water and stops it by reacting with the water or displacing it. A second injection using the same material permanently and elastically waterproofs the crack.

Recommended to have 2 cartridges per on hand per 10 ft of cracks.

Packaged in Dual 300ML Tubes supplied with Nut, & Static Mixer. Recommended mixer 1/4x 24 Element Mixer.
Contractors with special pricing must Purchase retaining nut and static mixers separately.

Technical Data Sheet Koster 2 N 1 Polurethane technical data sheet

Special foundation repair applications

Special Applications

Koster 2 IN 1 Is a specialty polyurethane foam used for leaking cracked foundations or basements, It can be used as a general range of polyurethane used for foundations and leaks. 2IN1 resin, however, has some unique characteristics making it a good choice for small leaking cracks or the first choice solution for previously repaired walls. The expansion rate is faster than most products, but its ability to penetrate small cracks and expansion with increased internal wall pressure pushing Koster into the smallest cracks.
Koster America
Since no water or moisture is required, it can be used in almost all applications. Should the injected concrete crack be dry it will not foam and cure as a stiff semi-hard resin. This is why it is called a two in one resin. Injecting in a dry crack will take as much product as similar viscosity epoxies. To get the benefit of both features, usually the injections are required once to use up any moisture or water with foaming action, then shortly after reinjecting the area in the same order to fill the cracked area with more product.
Koster Canada
The cure time can be much longer than standard polyurethanes if no moisture is present and the applicator should wait at least 4 days to allow the resin to cure to the
semi-hard status before removing injection ports. Even though this is a specialty Polyurethane foam, it is very easy to use with a high success rate, even with novice applicators.

Previously Repaired Wall Cracks

Koster 2IN1 is the best suited for these types of repairs as in our experience has shown if it is not a structural crack.

Typical Uses

Leaking wall cracks that have been repaired with hydraulic cement or any unknown material
make it impossible to determine where the cracks are and the High-Pressure method will need to be used as the cracks may be far less than 1/64th of an inch wide. This requires high-pressure injection packers installed into the concrete at an angle to intersect the cracks and with pressure will be forced through the repair area to the exterior wall. High pressure can be accomplished via a modified grease gun or for contractors a single-component high-pressure injection pump.

For cracks that are dry and are between 1/64th inch to 1/16 inch wide, the standard cartridge low-pressure method is used.

A Previous polyurethane or epoxy injection that has failed. Either injection method could be used.

Hydraulic cement xpex or any other cement product repair that has re-cracked and the crack is easily identifiable the standard low-pressure method with cartridges can be used.

Koster 2N1 Polyurethane Resin Life Span in Storage

The Koster 2N1 polyurethane only has a shelf life of 6 months, you should be able to see air from the top of both sides of the tube easily move to the bottom when inverted. If a partial tube was used and recapped do not use if later opened if the darker side B has gelled do not use, it will plug the static mixer and not mix correctly.
This product gets the best results for very small cracks by always warming the cartridge before use and avoid any possibility of freezing as each time it will thicken. If you have purchased jugs, make sure to keep the lids airtight as the airflow will thicken the B side and shorten its life span.

Koster 2In1 resin polyurethane for low-pressure injection that will either react when contact with water or cure as an elastic resin without contact with water. Great for leaking foundation crack injections that have been repaired previously.
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