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    Nextstar concrete crack repair products are used to repair poured concrete foundation cracks. NextStar provides full support after the sale to make sure you have successful and professional results.

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    Professional results with Polyurethane of leaking basement concrete cracks, Polyurethane foam is used for leaking foundations using the low pressure crack injection methods . Easy to use kits.

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    Polyurethane foam can effectively penetrate completely through a wall to permanently stop foundation water leaks and is industry standard for non-structural concrete crack leak problems.

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    Low Pressure crack injection with polyurethane foam is a proven, easy and effective way to waterproof basement foundations that is permanent.

102 Polyurethane Foam Concrete Crack injection
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Polyurethane 103 Injection Foam for Wider Cracks
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Polyurethane 103 Injection Foam for Wider Cracks
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Polyurethane 103 Injection Foam for Wider Cracks

Item #:NX2103
Medium to Large Cracks
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103 Polyurethane cracked concrete foundation walls with cracks larger than 1/8in 

Nextstar 103 is a custom polyurethane liquid that is designed to be used with wider cracks in concrete walls where other polyurethanes will shrink after application. Nextstar 103 will stop water infiltration. When 103 meets water, it reacts with it and then repels any excess water forming a closed-cell foam barrier that will not allow water to pass through it. Nextstar 103 polyurethane does not require water to be injected first and It adheres tenaciously to practically all substrates, wet or dry.
Nextstar 103 is typically used to stop water leaks coming through cracked or honeycombed concrete, voids between wall and floor, wall and ceilings, expansion joints, cold joints, and pipe intrusions. NextStar103 is designed to be used when the crack size exceeds 1/4 in (6mm) or where epoxy is not considered necessary.

Nextstar 103 Uses

103 is used to repair concrete walls, ceilings basement cracks that are leaking. It is the most commonly used product for general foundation crack repair that is nonstructural that may be leaking. 

  • Wider poured concrete wall cracks more that are 1/8in (3mm) or wider
  • Water is not required for the chemical reaction to start
  • Very fast cure less than one-hour depending on temperature 
  • Fast initial reaction time for faster repairs
  • Very aggressive foaming action for tight bonding
  • 20x expansion rate 
  • Can be used as a replacement for structural foam

Application Larger Crack Repair

Used using standard low-pressure crack injection methods.
Do not use with feed hoses because of fast reaction time.
Requires dual 300Ml application tool
Packaged in Dual 300ML Tubes supplied with nut and static mixer tube. 
Contractors with special pricing must Purchase static mixers separately.

The Mixer recommended for this polyurethane is the 1/4 x 24  static mixer. or 3/8x24 mixer

Price per 600ml Tube set

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103 Polyurethane for wide Crack Injection Polyurethane. Closed cell foam to repair wider cracks in concrete foundations in basements is more effective in wider cracks. Closed cell foam will not water penetrate/
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